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 Sep 28, 2015

What To Do About Bike Theft

Right after returning from our Big Bear trip in August, my beautiful bike was stolen from our vehicle's bike rack. This the second bike I've had stolen in three years at the same residence.

 Aug 10, 2015

Big Bear Love

California is a physically large state with so many beautiful places to visit. Yes, of...

 Jul 11, 2015

An Affordable Prefab Option

Prefab homes have become very popular over the past years, especially with the tiny/small house movement taking off through the HGTV network. But just because a house is tiny or a prefab, doesn't mean it's affordable.

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 Jan 27, 2016

 Sep 28, 2015

 Sep 28, 2015

 Aug 10, 2015

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Sunday - February 14, 2016
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