Tiny home owners typically have the reputation of wanting to adopt an extremely minimalistic lifestyle. After all, you can’t really “go tiny” if you are still clinging to most of your stuff — there simply isn’t room in a 300 square foot home for more than the basics. However, as a tiny house owner, you probably understand first-hand that shrinking the size of your house does not negate your desire for really cool technology. In fact, thanks to some classy tech gadgets that also happen to be on the small side, it is quite possible to adopt the tiny house lifestyle while still enjoying all of the tech you have come to enjoy.

With this in mind, check out the following four technological upgrades that can seamlessly blend into a tiny home:

Great Speakers that Multitask

If you love music, there is no reason to skimp on incredible speakers for your tiny house. For example, the JBL speakers not only provide amazing sound, in some cases they can also multitask as other things. For example, the compact Flip 4 speaker will allow you to wirelessly connect up to two smartphones with up to 12 hours of playtime. The portable Bluetooth speaker has a powerful 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, and should you want to take it outside with you, it is also waterproof and uber-durable. If you opt for the Charge 3 speaker by JBL, you will not only get a great speaker for your tiny home, but also a mobile power bank that lets you charge your smartphone and tablet.

A Smart Refrigerator

While many tiny home owners are looking for a simpler lifestyle, they are often unwilling to sacrifice modern conveniences. In the case of the kitchen, you may be fine with a small space for sitting down for dinner, but you don’t want to prepare your food on a small hot plate and store your milk in a dorm fridge. Fully-functional kitchen appliances are definitely doable in a tiny house, especially if you spring for the smallest model. For instance, Samsung offers a number of “Family Hub” refrigerators, some around 24 cubic feet, that will allow you to look inside your fridge, even when you are at the grocery store. You can set expiration notifications to help you know when the deli turkey meat will go bad, and even order a pizza directly from the touchscreen. The smart fridge allows you to connect with other family members by sharing calendars and more and the display screen doubles as a photo album.

Don’t Forget the Echo and Other Cool Gadgets

As Digital Trends notes, the 270-square foot Kasita tiny home, which was built in Texas by Jeff Wilson, features an Alexa Echo and Nest Thermostat along with auto-dimming windows. Instead of having to purchase multiple Echos for a huge home, you can probably get by with one unit that can be placed out of sight on a bookshelf or on the kitchen counter. If it is connected to the thermostat, you can ask Alexa to turn the A/C up or the heat down, as well as ask her to play your fave music and check the weather and traffic.

A Large Flat Screen TV

Going tiny does not have to include a television set; like many things in a super small home, you simply have to get your priorities in order. If you don’t have a ton of items to display on wall-mounted shelves, you can use this valuable wall space to hold a large flat screen TV with all of the bells and whistles you want. Best Buy sells a great selection of huge televisions, many of which are surprisingly budget-friendly. For example, the Sharp 50-inch LED 4K TV for $380 will fit onto the wall of a tiny home and when set up near a couch, will provide you with hours of entertainment.

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