Scarves make great gifts

The holidays are long gone and the gifts I received are either being used or have been returned. I’ll be the first to admit I feel no shame in returning gifts I just won’t use. Yet with that being said, there are some things that I’d never buy for myself, but I greatly appreciate.

  1. Scarves. I never knew how much I appreciated scarves until a friend purchased a couple for me a few years ago. Living in Southern California, our short, mild winters never last long enough for me to feel the need to go out and buy winter-wear. However, scarves really do come in handy and keep me much warmer than just a light weight jacket. Whenever I received them as a gift, I’m truly greatful.
  2. Slippers. A couple of holidays ago, my sister-in-law bought me some fuzzy, bright-orange slippers with hard, plastic soles. They looked really hideous, but were they great! I never knew how much I liked slippers; they kept my feet warm in the mornings and allowed me to run outside if I needed to without having to actually put on shoes. They have sadly been ruined by one of my cats.
  3. PJ’s. Is it weird I won’t buy myself PJ’s? Well, maybe. But I really don’t care what I sleep in as long as it keeps me warm or cool depending on the temperature. And, almost every Christmas I’ve been given PJ’s so that sort of fits the gap in my wardrobe. 🙂
  4. Balance Ball. My in-laws know that I’m fairly active, so they often buy me “work out” gifts. A few years ago, they purchased a balance ball for me. At first, I was hesitant to use it and thought hard about returning it. But once I blew that sucker up, I found that it was great for stretching.
  5. Hand weights. Again, thanks to my in-laws, I can work out my upper arms. I really wouldn’t think to buy myself weights, but I do use them to tone and firm.

I’m sure I can think of many other things that I’d never buy for myself, but I’d really like to have or would find useful. These are just a few that came to mind.

What gift have you received that you wouldn’t buy yourself but use?