It’s already May and time seems to fly by during the spring months. Well, let’s see how I did at day 120, shall we?

Summary of goals for 2012:

    • Save money ($6,000 for the year),
    • Continue to grow my blog (375 readers daily),
    • Ride my bike (1,000 miles this year).


This has been an easy goal for me to achieve so far this year. Warm weather, a bike blog as motivation, and the joy of riding has put me Ahead of the game.


Moving in the right direction. I’m still plateauing at about 300 – 325 readers per day, but if it slowly progresses (even at a snail’s pace) I should meet my goal by year’s end.  Progress: Mostly on target.

Saving Money

I’m glad to still say I’m on target even considering I have my sister’s wedding expenses keeping my budget tight: flights – $1,200, dress – $169 already purchased and paid for, plus upcoming expenses that will be another $1,200 – $1,500 (Mr. LH’s suit, maybe new shoes, hotel and car rental plus food expenses – ugh!) I’ve known about the wedding for a while and even started budgeting for it many months ago which has helped me keep this expense out of pocket.

However, I really hadn’t budgeted for the cost of the flights going up so much from the first time I had price-checked them (back in 2010). I purchased them way in advance, but I wonder if I would have gotten a better deal had I waited until it was closer to the date of the wedding (late June). But… I really wanted time to pay off the flights without accruing interest and I didn’t want to stress about the cost going up any more than it has this year so far. It also gave me a little breathing room to get over paying off the flights before the hotel and rental car expenses take their toll. Seven more weeks of “breathing room” before I have to pay off another chunk of “wedding expenses.” I think my wedding cost close to what I’m shelling out to go to hers! Enough complaining for now. 🙂 Progress:  On Target.

Overall, I’m meeting my goals and been consistent since last month. Let this be the recurring theme for the year!

P.S. I wonder what “Blow” means on the budgeting pig? Do you think that means “money to blow?” Or actual “Blow”? Hmmm…didn’t catch that until later. Food for thought I suppose.