A few weeks ago, Hunter over at Financially Consumed took a poll from his readers to gauge their views on what gas prices might look like in the near future. Using Gas Buddy’s prediction, he asked readers to share their own predictions. At the time, I really thought gas would increase sharply to maybe $3.99 a gallon. Boy, was I off! In my neighborhood gas has risen from $3.76 a few weeks ago to over $4.08 per gallon for regularĀ  unleaded. Ouch. It’s dejavu all over again from a few years ago (2008 I believe) when gas prices were pushing $5.00 a gallon. Currently, gas prices are high in most of California as seen from Gas Buddy’s heat map below:

Gas Buddy’s Heat Map

I’m sure prices will continue to climb for a few weeks at least. I’m now beginning to think I should have voted for a serious jump at $4.20 – $4.39 on Hunter’s poll. I guess I really didn’t understand how serious the Iran issue was and how it would affect gas prices.

Are gas prices soaring in your neighborhood?