When most folks hear the term log home, they tend to automatically think of a small, rustic cabin that’s constructed of wood. In their mind’s eye, they “see” these houses installed on top of a mountain ridge, or nestled within a pine tree forest. Custom log homes, however, can be installed anywhere and crafted out of a number of materials, including stone, glass and metal, in addition to the more familiar wooden timbers.

Once construction is complete, these homes are created to rise majestically from their footprint and blend into a number of landscapes. In addition to traditional wooded and rocky areas, these distinctive houses look great installed on windswept plains, a glowing desert or even a sandy beachfront!

Log Homes Can be Customized to Fit a Variety of Tastes and Preferences

One reason why log homes are so popular is that they can be crafted with a number of features that make the home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. For example, log homes can be customized to be attractive and functional regardless of their overall size.

Square footage of log homes varies widely, and can be anything from several hundred to several thousands of square feet. Floor plans also vary dramatically, with most featuring designs that increase the amount of natural light that enters the home. Increasing the home’s natural lighting creates a feeling of openness and increases its comfort level.

Details that Add Elements of Luxury, and Increase A Log Home’s Comfort and Security 

There also isn’t any reason to sacrifice features that add to convenience or security when designing and building a log home. Certain materials, design elements and items of decor allow builders and designers to create a log home as luxurious, or minimalist, in appearance and use as the homeowner desires!

The following is a short list of just of the few of the many ways to increase the lavishness, comfort level and security of a log home.

Hardwood Flooring and High-Grade Laminate Floors

One of the first things that both owners and visitors first notice when they enter a home is the quality of its floors. Rich hardwood floors are solid and durable as well as beautiful to behold. Over time, however, this type of flooring can be difficult to maintain and looking its best, which is why high grade laminate flooring is gaining in popularity. This type of flooring gives homeowners the glamorous look and touch of luxury that a genuine hardwood floor brings, without the hassle of regular maintenance that’s needed to keep this type of flooring in pristine condition, such as regular waxing, and periodic sanding and re-staining.

Vaulted Ceilings

One architectural detail that is becoming increasingly common in luxury homes are vaulted and tray ceilings. Rather than enclosing the interior space with a traditional, “flat-line” ceiling, vaulted ceilings, as well as inverted and recessed tray ceilings, easily become the focal point of any room in which they are installed. These ceilings draw the attention of our eyes upward, making interior rooms feel more light and airy while also adding a bit of drama. They are also quite easy to incorporate into traditional timber frame and post and beam types of log construction.

Custom Doors, Windows and Cabinetry

One feature that helps luxury homes stand out is the attention to detail that is placed when choosing ordinary items such as doors, windows, cabinets and fixtures. Custom windows, doors and fixtures that are finely crafted from top grade materials, and the use of built-ins for the cabinetry, bookshelves, and recessed lighting are all features commonly found in luxury homes and can be easily added to the existing floor plan and design of a log home.

Home Automation, Smart Appliances and Furnishings

As the Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to develop and improve, luxury homes are now commonly furnished with smart appliances such as refrigerators that monitor the freshness and availability of ingredients, and, smart ovens that cook meals that are programmed to be ready once the homeowner returns. This technology is also used to draw and close the blinds and drapes within the home, as well as control the lighting. Combined with other home automation and remote security features, homeowners are able to remotely set and control their thermostats, lock and unlock their doors, and complete other similar tasks all at the click of a mouse, or tap on a smartphone. Each of these items greatly increases the comfort level and security of the home while increasing the homeowner’s peace of mind and enjoyment of the property.  



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