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Step 3: Designing a Manufactured House

Now that we finally have park approval, we’re in the process of designing our manufactured home. The first two steps required a ton of paperwork; income statements, pay stubs, taxes, credit scores, bank statements, etc. This step is the fun step, though we’ve had to tweak some of our ideas to fit within our budget (a little less than $200K). That might sound like plenty for a manufactured home, but not in California. Even with manufactured homes, it all comes down to location, location, location. *In a separate post I’ll also go into financing a manufactured home which falls...

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Step 2 – Waiting on Park Approval

Well, three weeks have gone by since we submitted all of our paperwork to purchase a manufactured home in a mobile home community. Our financing is in place, but now we’re waiting on park approval, the step that we thought would be quickest! One of the main things holding us up is the fact that Mr. LH works for himself. Though I make plenty of income to support our move, the park isn’t satisfied with the paperwork on his end, which is slowing things down because they keep asking for more paperwork which we’ve submitted: taxes and a P&L....

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I’m Buying a Manufactured Home!

I never thought this would happen, but while I was explaining to my brother what type of home I was purchasing, “manufactured house” came out of my mouth. It’s true, I’m in the process of buying a manufactured home in a mobile home community. When one thinks of a mobile home community, silver-haired folk come to mind. Yet, rest assured the community is an “all ages” community with a mix of older adults and younger families. The community is a beautiful community nestled against the foothills of a mountain. It’s not too far from where I work and close enough to...

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Three Kids and Counting? How to Squeeze Lots of Kids into a Small Home

A hundred years ago, large families were the norm. Parents routinely had ten or more children and homes were often extremely cramped, with parents, kids and elderly relatives all sharing the same room. Today things are very different. Families tend to have far fewer children and homes are a lot larger. However, if you have opted to have three or more kids, space can be an issue, especially if you don’t have the luxury of living in a spacious home. So what are your options? Sharing Bedrooms There is no reason why kids can’t share a bedroom. They might...

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