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Tips for Decorating Your Mobile Home

A mobile home is a much more affordable alternative to traditional homes like the ones you’ll get from 2 storey builder Vision One Homes. Whether you want to place your mobile home in a park or the forest, you need to decorate it with grace and style. Even if the rooms are small, you should decorate them according to your taste if you want to create an affordable, but homey environment for you and your family.   The following tips will come in handy when decorating your mobile home: Painting If you have an old-fashioned mobile, it probably has...

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Protecting Your Home For Your Peace Of Mind

Your little home is precious and, very likely, the most valuable asset you own. It is also where your heart is and keeps your family safe and happy. You’ve invested so much, not only to purchase it, but to make it a happy and comfortable place. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that on average 33% of household spending is on housing costs, and this continues to rise fast. But is your little home safe? Keeping your home safe Your home, your assets and your personal belongings should be protected from damage, intrusion, and destruction. Two-Thirds of...

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Simple Décor Updates That Can Transform a Room

Are you considering a much-needed home décor refresh but only have minimal funds?  You’re certainly not alone.  More often than not, our wallets won’t match our decorating plans but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your decorating desires altogether.  Sometimes all a room needs is a mini makeover.  Here, we’re talking you through some simple décor updates that won’t break the bank. Living Room If you’re looking for a low-cost upgrade to your living room, why not consider putting up a feature gallery wall.  This can be a great cost-effective way to breathe some life back into your...

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Windows Have Huge Importance in Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are all the rage right now. They allow people to reduce their living expenses, giving them the financial freedom to do more. They are also small and mobile, giving them the physical freedom to move wherever they like at a moment’s notice. Plus, many of the designs used to create tiny homes are very stylish, giving people new ideas about how to live large by living small. You may not think much about the windows in your tiny home since there isn’t a lot of wall space to put them on and since your energy costs are...

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Outside the Box: Thinking Differently About Your Next Home Purchase

There is nothing wrong with being a renter. One of the first and most pervasive myths about buying a home is that there is something not quite right about being a lifetime renter. You are made to feel that you are not a real adult or a fully vested citizen if you don’t own property. Of all the reasons to buy a home, this is probably the worst. If you do buy a home with that reason in mind, you are probably going to make several other classic home-buying errors: Trying to keep up with the Joneses and buying...

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Massively Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with These 6 Tips

The price of energy continues to increase at a rate faster than most people receive raises, meaning that the cost of heating, cooling and lighting the home is more expensive than ever. As new revolutions in technology and construction continue to mitigate increased energy consumption, more smart devices and electronic equipment being added to the home cancels out these gains. A full-scale war against energy waste and inefficiency is needed in order to truly revolutionize a home’s energy consumption. With so many aspects of the home contributing to both energy consumption and energy loss, knowing where to begin can...

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Big Landscaping with a Small House

In the last few years, one of the big trends in architecture has been tiny homes. Designed for energy efficiency, affordability, or even just for a simpler lifestyle, these homes are popping up in neighborhoods and specialized developments all over the country. Of course, a small house typically means a small yard, too, and many of the owners of these tiny homes are looking for ways to make their landscaping as beautiful as possible despite having fewer square feet available than larger homes. Many would-be owners harbor some reservations about downsizing simply because they don’t think they can get...

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