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How to Keep Your Little Home After You Retire

Just under fifty percent of Americans have expenses which are equal to or bigger than their incomes, according to a Center for Financial Services Innovation Study. Jennifer Tescher, who is the Chief Executive Officer and president of CFSI, believes that half of the USA is living on the edge financially. If you want to stay in your little home after you retire, but you aren’t sure if you’ll have enough retirement income to stay afloat, you’ll benefit from discovering some finance tips that really deliver. Consider a Reverse Mortgage With a typical mortgage, you’ll make a payment to your...

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Tackling Challenges Presented By Small Homes

Tips for Living in Small Home With the rising cost of living and increased levels of unemployment, owning a mansion or an A-list condo has remained but a dream for many Americans. The invention of machines and robots that have led to a significant number of layoffs certainly does not help. As if that is not enough, come the realtors with their unaffordable mortgage rates. It is becoming more difficult for Americans to own large homes. Consequently, the real estate market is faced with the increased popularity of small homes. The National Multifamily Housing Council estimates that the US...

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Five Benefits in Downsizing to a Condo

Do you currently live in a house but find yourself eyeing the possibility of a condo lately? Have you been considering downsizing but aren’t sure it will fit your lifestyle? Downsizing to a condo is something that buyers of all ages are doing thanks to the many benefits that go along with making that move. Condos aren’t just meant to be that first foot in the door on the property ladder, rather they can be right for all kinds of buyers. Benefits Of Condo Living If you’re on the fence about downsizing to a condo, you may want to...

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Spring has Sprung; How to use Pastel Tiles

Pastel Tiles With Spring finally here, many of us are now looking to get that DIY project we’ve been putting off underway. Whether you’re hoping to totally renovate or just give your home a little spring clean update, using pastel colours is a great way of breathing life back in to your home. Some people can shy away from pastels for fear of creating a look that is considered “feminine”, but pastels are actually a fantastic way of lightening and brightening up difficult rooms like bathrooms. What Themes use Pastels? Of course, pastels go hand in hand with lighter...

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How A Little Effort Can Help You Sell Your Little House

Sell Your Little House With the average cost of a tiny home being only $23,000– considerably less than the down payment on a conventional house – it is easy to see why more and more Americans are considering downsizing. However, the price of tiny houses can be an issue for those wishing to maximise the return on the sale of their properties. In conventional real estate offers on homes can vary by tens of thousands of dollars but for tiny home owners this is their full worth. Whilst it is always important to present your home in the best...

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Exciting Ways of Going Green Worth Investing In

You’re probably sold on the idea of going green. You may even have solar panels on your house. But have you ever thought about investing in green energy? The green energy sector has seen a boon recently. Not only that, but green energy is predicted to grow rapidly over the next 20 years. This has been helped along by a tumble in the costs of solar and wind power. This fall in cost has been largely due to better infrastructure, as well as higher voltage cables. Green Energy Investment Couple this with the fact that there has been a...

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How to Find the Perfect Holiday Home in Thailand

There is no rule saying you need to live in one place all year round. Many individuals seek to rent or purchase another home during the holidays due to weather conditions or just to always have a place to disappear too. After all, if you have the budget for it, why not? If you are looking for the perfect holiday home, Thailand is pretty much the only place that anyone can visit all year round. It is the best country to visit or find a holiday home because the food is sublime, the people genuine and friendly, and the...

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