The bathroom is one of the most used room in any home. People rely on it for personal hygiene and grooming every morning and evening, so make sure that it works well for you while also reflecting your tastes.

See how you can transform the look of your bathroom with 6 simple updates.


Storage is a key component of every room of the house. Without proper planning items will begin to spill out of the cabinets and shelves, resulting in a cluttered and messy space. Always plan for more storage than you think you need because how much storage you need will change over the years as children grow and your own needs change.

Luckily there a number of easy fixes for this dilemma.

  • Bathroom Tumbler: If you mirror cabinet and sink area is full, think about installing a mounted tumbler. This will hold toothbrushes and toothpaste while also clearing up some valuable counter space.
  • Freestanding Storage: If you have the room for it, a simple metallic shelf will do wonders for the bathroom. It can store towels, cloths, back-up products, and anything else that you need.
  • Built in Closet: If you are able to do some bathroom remodeling, then consider building a closet. Most bathrooms have the capability for this and it is a decision you will not regret because it will keep everything looking tidy by putting it behind a the door.


lighting in the bathroom

Any homeowner will tell you that good lighting in the bathroom is very important. It is necessary for proper grooming but also to soothe that vulnerable first hour after you wake up and haven’t begun to get ready for the rest of the day.

Here are a few lighting ideas for homeowners:

  • Mirrors: Mirrors are important in the washroom, but they can also do double duty with light. Since they are reflective, they will illuminate the room more by reflecting light throughout the space. If you don’t want to have multiple mirrors, consider replacing your current one with a larger mirror.
  • Illuminated Vanity: To add some glamour to your bathroom, get a vanity mirror which is framed with light around the perimeter. It will provide bright and flattering light for your morning routine.


Changing the colour of a room can radically alter the whole look of the space. It is also one of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom, so it is a great place to start this process.

  • Bright Colours: Bathrooms are a good place to have some fun with decoration and colour. For a small bathroom try a bright colour. This will liven the space up while also making it seem larger than it actually is.
  • Same Colours: Another way to make the bathroom seem larger is to use the same tiles on the floor and the walls. This continuity creates the illusion of space by extending the floor borders. It also keeps the space consistent is great for a minimalist aesthetic.


The furniture in the bathroom are often determined by what the space allows, followed by necessity. In a small bathroom have limited furniture, but in a larger one there are a lot of great additions you can make.

  • Hamper: A hamper makes sense in the bathroom. This way family members can throw dirty clothes and towels directly into the hamper after a shower rather than carrying them around the house.
  • Side Table: Tables are useful regardless of the room that you’re in. Everyone is going to have something in their hands at some point that they’ll need to put down. It is also a dry place to place electronics while in the shower if you want to listen to some music or are waiting for an important phone call.


bathroom wallpaper

We’ve already discussed how tiles can be used to trick the eye and make a space look larger, but if tiles aren’t an option for your bathroom remodelling, consider wallpaper. It is less expensive and offers a wide variety of colour and pattern options. It just needs to be installed properly because of the steam that comes with the territory.


Finally, plants are a great final touch to any washroom. Living plants have a calming presence which will compliment a relaxing bubble bath.

With plants you will be able to make the apartment your own personal oasis.

  • Flowers: A bouquet of flowers lend a touch of luxury to any space with their colour and beauty.
  • Spider Plants: These hardy little plants can survive in almost any room when potted correctly. They’re a good choice for anyone who can’t dedicate a regimented schedule to caring for their plants.
  • Potted Trees: If you have the space, a potted tree will be a great fit for the bathroom. It adds nature to your indoor space.

Don’t let the bathroom be an afterthought. It is one of the most important rooms of the house and a great one to have some fun with your decor in. So make sure that the space works well for you. Get started on turning your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams today!

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