Gas Station Swindle

Gas Station Swindle

I’ve had the worst luck lately with my Visa card and much of it leads back to just one type of retailer; the gas station. When I pull into a gas station, I want pumping gas to be easy and pain-free, so I normally use the credit card swiper right on the gas pump. Well, not any more (or at least not in the same way.) Two incidences have made me rethink this payment option: 1.) My Visa debit card was compromised and somebody in Lahore, Pakistan tried charging my debit card three times, and 2.) My Visa credit card was compromised and someone in the UK tried charging a few items. Thankfully, my banks caught the fraudulent charges and canceled my cards. However, both of these problems (on two separate occasions) happened right after I had used these cards at a gas station.

However, I’m not the only one with such bad luck at gas station pumps. Just the other day, I over-heard a colleague freaking out about how her debit card had been used at three different gas stations after she had used the same debit card to pay for gas. They had wiped out her bank account with these charges. She was not at all happy about having to wait a few days for her funds to be reimbursed not to mention the hassle of having to cancel her debit card and set up a new one.

So my strategy for paying for gas is to only use prepaid gas gift cards. If I purchase them at my local grocery store, I earn double rewards points that I receive back each quarter in the form of a check and coupons that I can apply toward groceries. I now don’t have to worry about my credit or debit card information being hacked or stolen and reap rewards in the meantime.

Have you had difficulty at the pump lately?

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