Closet Nurseries

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Closet Nurseries

I’m fortunate to live in a fairly large apartment. At 1,600 sq. feet, my apartment is about the same size as a smallish house. However, being an apartment dweller for many years, I know first hand that most apartments rarely reach 1,000 square feet. The norm is usually 600 – 800 square feet. For growing families in urban areas, the small space can seem uninhabitable, especially once you realize you need room for a crib, possibly small changing dresser, a car seat, and lots of baby items.

The solution to finding room for baby might be where you least expect it; in a closet.

If you have a walk-in closet, converting it into a small room for a crib and dresser might tide you over until you can move into a larger space. The first few months, babies aren’t moving around all that much anyway. Of course, you’ll lose your closet, but if you’ve been downsizing and making room for baby items, this might be a temporary solution. Here are a few ideas from Apartment Therapy:

Closet Nursery from Apartment Therapy

Closet Nursery from Apartment Therapy

This nursery has a nice little window to add light – most closets don’t have windows to my knowledge. I think I’d also ditch the doors on a closet/nursery and hang a curtain instead, making the room less claustrophobic (not that the baby would notice, but I’d feel better about it). Closing a little one in a closet with a door seems a little weird to me.

Would you use this solution if you were short on space?

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  1. KC @ genxfinance

    That is actually a brilliant idea. Yeah, I would definitely use this if we’re short in space.

  2. Crystal @ Prairie Ecothrifter

    I would do it. Even though we have the room, I sort of like the idea for the first couple of months just so the baby would be closer, right? Less zombie walking to stick a boob in its mouth, lol. :-)

  3. Paul @ The Frugal Toad

    I think that is a great use of space. I would probably take the door off so it wouldn’t feel as cramped.

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