This weekend, my husband and I were on a mission to find a pot rack to hang above our stove. Or at least, something that could be used as a pot rack. With the after-Christmas sales in full swing, we thought we might be able to find a good price on one. Boy, were we wrong! Most of the store sales were on Christmas decorations or those last-minute gift ideas, like gift baskets that had gone unsold. The kitchen necessities weren’t on sale at all, to our dismay.

Our first stop was Lowe’s, they always seem to sell more household items than Home Depot. However, an associate told us that they only sell pot racks online, as does Depot. Their prices aren’t all that spectacular as we came to find out. We then checked their dunnage rack systems to see if we could piece together our own pot rack, being that my husband is quite handy with his toolbox. However, the dunnage rack shelves were either sold in a system unit, or they were much too large to fit above our stove.

After realizing we might not be able to piece together our own pot rack, we swung by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We figured that if they were ever to have their pot racks on sale, the day after Christmas would be the right time. But again, we were disappointed; only the holiday decorations, like the blow-up snowmen, were deeply discounted. The pot racks still had their before Christmas prices attached to them, most were over $100. We left Bed, Bath, and Beyond as we had entered; empty-handed.

Finally, we returned home and found the exact same pot rack that Bed, Bath, and Beyond (BBB) was carrying for half the price online! The Old Dutch shelf pot rack, which sells at BBB for $169, sells online at a few different places for $70! Even with shipping, which one site claims is only $12, it still beats BBB’s price by a landslide.

Now, if only stores would match online pricing, that would save consumers time! And, stores could still profit off their merchandise, instead of losing some of their customers to online retailers, like myself. I know that day is coming, though it will take a few more years and more consumers becoming savvy using their mobile phones to price check items. For now, all I can do as a smart shopper is compare in store prices to online prices and make the best decision.

Do you check out an item online before going to a store retailer? How many times have to left a store empty-handed, only to purchase the same item online? Have you tried price matching, what was the result?


  1. I have to say that this year I really enjoyed doing 80% of my Christmas shopping online. No hassles and I am able to compare various internet sources right in the comfort of my living room.

    At first, I was going to ask if you had a 20% coupon for BBB, but then I am happy to see you found it online for much cheaper. Yeah to a new pot rack. I really wish our kitchen would accommodate a pot rack. But it does not. Maybe one day when we get that kitchen island installed. *dreaming*

    Yeah, to online shopping!

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