The City of Vancouver has over 600,000 people in residence. While the Greater Vancouver area is home to almost 2.5 million people. Most densely populated areas in North America, Vancouver has stringent fire safety regulations. In order to keep the population of one of the worlds most liveable cities as safe as possible.

* History:

Back in 1886, Vancouver was all but destroyed by the “Great Vancouver Fire”, which started as a bush fire in the newly established area and was spread out of control by strong winds. Dozens of people lost their lives, and only a very small handful of buildings survived. New established Vancouver Volunteer Fire Brigade had only existed for 16 days prior and consisted of one volunteer with a hose-wagon. Leap forward to 2017 and over 20 fire halls responded to more than 67,000 emergency calls.

* Fire Safety Regulations:

Fire Safety
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The Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS) team offer a range of services to help you and your family stay safe, including courses where you can get hands-on experience putting out fires. They recommend three steps to ensure you safe as can be in a fire:

  1. Prevention – Use smoke alarms (check that they are working well each year if they are battery operated, make sure to change the battery annually)
  2. Plan – Make sure that everyone knows where the escape routes are
  3. Practice – Have fire drills and make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and where to go.

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