Fresh & Easy Market

Fresh & Easy Market

Fresh & Easy grocery market’s have been popping up all over my neighborhood, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to explore them. Until now. Yesterday, my husband and I decided to explore their produce and packaged dinners since I had heard they offer a lot of prepackaged, easy to make meals. Since I’m always rushing around, and I don’t cook (yes, you read that right; I don’t cook!), I figured I’d find something I’d like that would be easy to make – read: Microwavable!

I was pleasantly surprised to find their groceries were fresh, reasonably priced, and they offered a lot of variety. Some examples of their prices:

  • 10 lb bag of Idaho Russet Potatoes: .98 cents (right now potatoes are on sale in many local markets, but this beat out large chain prices by .02 cents)
  • 5 lb bag of oranges: .98 cents
  • bananas: .19 cents each
  • Swirled raisin, cinnamon bread: 1 loaf – $1.50 (on sale – they offer 50% off of packaged meals that are expiring that day or items that are quickly approaching their “sell by” date).
  • Premade Penne pasta with creamed tomato sauce: 1 serving $1.99

This is just a smattering of items I purchased. But as you can see, their prices are quite reasonable, especially their 50% off sale items. As long as you’re willing to consume the item within a day or two, you don’t need to worry about food poisoning (and most grocery stores’ expire date can be pushed a few more days anyway. – My husband’s family used to own a grocery store when he was in high school, so I have some insider information here.)

Checking out is also quite easy since it’s a do-it-yourself type checkout stand, and personally, I love these stands (major chains have installed a couple of these, but limit its use to 15 items per person). I can scan items quite quickly and have my husband help me bag them at the end of the end of the revolving belt. I even find it sort of fun, but that’s probably because I’m strange. ­čśë

Now that I’ve had my first shopping experience at a Fresh & Easy, I’m sure I’ll be returning soon.

Do you have Fresh & Easy Market’s appearing in your neighborhood?