Fresh & Easy Market
Fresh & Easy Market

Fresh & Easy grocery market’s have been popping up all over my neighborhood, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to explore them. Until now. Yesterday, my husband and I decided to explore their produce and packaged dinners since I had heard they offer a lot of prepackaged, easy to make meals. Since I’m always rushing around, and I don’t cook (yes, you read that right; I don’t cook!), I figured I’d find something I’d like that would be easy to make – read: Microwavable!

I was pleasantly surprised to find their groceries were fresh, reasonably priced, and they offered a lot of variety. Some examples of their prices:

  • 10 lb bag of Idaho Russet Potatoes: .98 cents (right now potatoes are on sale in many local markets, but this beat out large chain prices by .02 cents)
  • 5 lb bag of oranges: .98 cents
  • bananas: .19 cents each
  • Swirled raisin, cinnamon bread: 1 loaf – $1.50 (on sale – they offer 50% off of packaged meals that are expiring that day or items that are quickly approaching their “sell by” date).
  • Premade Penne pasta with creamed tomato sauce: 1 serving $1.99

This is just a smattering of items I purchased. But as you can see, their prices are quite reasonable, especially their 50% off sale items. As long as you’re willing to consume the item within a day or two, you don’t need to worry about food poisoning (and most grocery stores’ expire date can be pushed a few more days anyway. – My husband’s family used to own a grocery store when he was in high school, so I have some insider information here.)

Checking out is also quite easy since it’s a do-it-yourself type checkout stand, and personally, I love these stands (major chains have installed a couple of these, but limit its use to 15 items per person). I can scan items quite quickly and have my husband help me bag them at the end of the end of the revolving belt. I even find it sort of fun, but that’s probably because I’m strange. 😉

Now that I’ve had my first shopping experience at a Fresh & Easy, I’m sure I’ll be returning soon.

Do you have Fresh & Easy Market’s appearing in your neighborhood?


  1. I’d like to see more variety in grocery stores in Canada but it seems like the U.S. has that down pat

    BTW. your comment page in Chrome is cutting off at the end (like it’s too big or something) and it’s not a dealbreaker, just kind of weird.
    .-= FB @´s last blog ..November 2010 Budget Roundup =-.

    • @FB- We do have lots of choices when it comes to grocery stores. And thanks for the tip – I need to check my style sheet, I’m sure the fix is in there. 😉

  2. Fresh and Easy popped up all over my town a few years ago too. And now sadly they are all starting to close. Maybe they grew too fast over here (?).
    The funny thing is that they started opening when I was going through morning sickness and I got nauseous every time I thought about going in. So it never caught on with me.
    Their dinner options are pretty sweet though.

    • @Lindy Mint – They aren’t popping up everywhere, but they do seem to be opening in high trafficked areas around my neighborhood. Hopefully they’ll stick around for a little while since I’ve now discovered them!

    • @Kay Lynn – I was pleasantly surprised by their produce and food selection. You’ll have to share your experiences once the one near you opens. Some are nicer than others is what I’m hearing.

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