You might have noticed my header states I’ve “Gone Fishing.” I just couldn’t find a “Gone Camping” sign in time to replace it, so for now it will have to do. But YES, I’ve gone camping and will be back in time for another Tuesday Tip! In the meantime, feel free to snoop around for articles that whet your appetite. OR, take a peek below at some camping tips (mishaps from my more naive days):

  1. Love da ‘coons! – Want great critter photos? Just leave delicious chocolate Power Bars on the picnic table right out side your tent. I never knew raccoons loved Power Bars, too.
  2. There’s nothing better than a campfire, minus the smoke. – Making a long-burning campfire takes experience and finesse. There’s nothing better than getting the logs all sorted, then watching them smolder in their own smoke.
  3. Day 3 – forgo that makeup and forget about brushing thy hair – Day 1: arrive clean and well kept; Day 2: brush hair, throw it up in a pony-tail, put on a little make-up and deodorant; Day 3: the grime has set in. Forget about the hair or makeup, just putting in the contact lenses is good enough! Oh wait. We’re going into town?! Crap.

Some Yakezie reads for your pleasure:

See you soon. A wee-ma-whack, a-wee-ma-whack, a-wee-ma-whack, a-wee-ma-whack….