Has Anyone Ever Won Home Depot’s $5K Gift Card?

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I don’t consider myself lucky; I don’t win raffles, my name isn’t ever pulled out of a hat at baby showers during those silly baby name games, I’ve never won the lotto or any monetary contest for that matter.  Yet for some reason I’m a sucker when it comes to coupon surveys, especially the ones offering large gift amounts like Home Depot’s $5,000 gift card they advertise at the bottom of their receipt. For the past five years, I’ve frequented Home Depot many times, too many to count. Like clockwork, I’ve come home, filled out their 10-minute survey and waited patiently for them to contact me.  After countless surveys, I decided it was time to find out if anyone actually won these drawings.

After a little research directly on their survey site, I was able to verify that people actually DO win – four people a year, or one each quarter, make out with a very generous $5,000 gift card. That made me feel a little better, I realized that although I might not be very lucky, at least my time hasn’t been completely wasted.

Of course, Home Depot isn’t the only coupon survey I complete. I also take a few minutes to complete the Chili’s Restaurant survey as well for a possible $1,000 cash prize. Again, finding the past winners directly on their survey site, I noticed that Chili’s gives away about 3 $1,000 prizes a quarter – if I look at this data from a statistical point of view, I have a better chance of winning this reward than a Home Depot gift card.

So are the coupon surveys worth filling out, at least Chili’s and Home Depot’s? In my opinion, yes. For a quick 5-minute survey, the chances of winning may be slim, but at least I was able to verify that these companies do give away their prizes every quarter. Who knows, maybe my luck will change!

Do you fill out receipt or coupons surveys? Have you ever one a cash prize by doing so? Do you think it is worth the 5-minutes of your time?


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  1. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

    I’m another sucker and I’ve never won either…

    • Jennifer P

      Home Depot uses those surveys to mainly to see how the stores and cashiers are doing, so not only are you entering a contest, you are giving back valuable feedback that is looked at and reported back to the stores. Of course, as a cashier there, I hope everyone takes the surveys and gives great scores. 😉

  2. Mrs. Money

    Sometimes I do the surveys and sometimes I don’t. I wish I would win the Home Depot one!
    .-= Mrs. Money´s last blog ..How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances Naturally =-.

    • Little House

      @Mrs. Money – Those Home Depot survey’s have such a winning potential, I try to fill out the majority of them. But after filling out close to 50 or 60 of them, I started to wonder if anyone ever won. Apparently, they do. Just not me!

  3. Amanda L Grossman

    Hello Little House!

    Great article topic–I have often wondered if anyone wins on any giveaways. I always think that it would be big news when someone wins and you would hear about it…but you never do!

    Unfortunately I have not won anything like that. I did recently win a yakezie blog book giveaway! Woohoo!

    • Little House

      @Amanda – That’s what I thought too – that there would be some press about the winners. I guess they quietly send out their rewards (of course I’m also now curious about the McDonald’s Monopoly game 😉 )

  4. First Gen American

    Well, the point of the surveys is to give the companies an idea on how to improve they’re business, so even if you don’t win, hopefully you’ll get better service as a result of doing the surveys.

    Ever since I took a business class and had to sucker people into doing surveys for me and realized how low (1%) of a response I got, I try to do them now..at least once in a while.

    • Little House

      @First Gen American – That’s a good point. I fill out the survey’s so quickly, I’m not so sure the companies benefit from my survey results (my goal is for the prize!) However, my favorite coupon survey is the Starbucks one – instant gratification; a code for a free drink at the end of the survey!

  5. Len Penzo

    I enter those surveys ALL the time too, Jen, and I’ve never won squat!

    Still, I do it because, well, if you don’t play you can’t win. Right???

    Maybe some day…

    All the best,

    Len Penzo dot Com

  6. FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com

    I never bother because I never win, and I never win because I never bother.

    I don’t participate for the same reason I don’t buy lottery tickets — I don’t believe or like the odds, and I REALLY hate junk mail, even if the lottery or whatever it is, is free.
    .-= FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com´s last blog ..My Life As I Know It =-.

  7. Clark Galloway

    I won Home Depot’s 5k survey prize in 2010 filled out 35 receipts. Stay positive and keep after it but remember when you fill out a receipt you are going up against people that shop at 2000 other Home Depots times the number of customers that use a computer or enter their receipts. When I entered this I thought each Home Depot had a 5k winner each quarter. I could use a 100k card. Houses are expensive to maintain. A 5K card is a air conditioner.

    Clark Galloway

    • Little House

      @Clark – Thanks, Clark, for sharing your story. It’s great to hear you won a gift card from Home Depot; I was always curious about who won those gift cards. I’ll keep entering for my chance to win!

  8. Clark Galloway

    You are welcome.

  9. Clark Galloway

    Here is the winners list. Stay positive and keep after it.


  10. Daniel

    I didn´t win at the home depot survey, but right after Halloween 2011 I won at WJRR (an Orlando Rock Radio Station) a bunch of tickets to a concert series (it was a costume contest – listeners voting) and most recently I won a 1000$ shopping voucher at a local hardware store that´s in the best buy franchise, just wrote my name on a postcard and dropped in in a box in the shop.

  11. Noriscintron

    This is the second time I complete a survey. Iwould like to win this $1000 card.I certainly can give it good usr to repair my home

  12. Jesse

    I’ve done several of these surveys myself, mainly the Home Depot one, which I’ve filled out so many receipts for, especially since the damage our house suffered from Hurricane Sandy in late 2012, with all my family have spent to fix up our house. Still haven’t won either of the surveys yet, but hopefully this time is finally the charm for me, with the latest sweepstakes just ending, after all the receipts I filled out! For those who did win, how exactly do they tell you if you won (as it it by e-mail, phone #, snail mail, etc), and how long does it take for them to notify you if you’re the winner, once the sweepstakes period ends? Just curious, and am wondering how long should I hold out hope of winning the contest, until I’m sure I didn’t? Wish me luck! (:

    • Little House

      I still haven’t won anything either, but I’ll keep filling them out. It doesn’t take long and people do actually win. A lot of places are offering these surveys on their receipts now where I live.

  13. Julie

    Hi. I actually DID win, once. Before I begin, I PROMISE I do not work for any of those companies (I am a nursing student), and I am only here to say there actually are real winners. I won $1000 at Pulix a few yrs ago. On a whim, I did a survey when they had it at the bottom of 1 out of every 30 receipts, and then after like 130 people from each store played, they closed it for that store. It was about 2 months later that I got a phone call, and at first I had forgotten that I had even done it because at the time I rarely did surveys. It was just because I was bored that I had done it that night. I got a phone call from a blocked number, and I almost didn’t answer it. They ask a bunch of questions, like do you work for Publix, are you over 18, etc. Then they FedEx a bunch of papers that you have to sign and send back (you have to claim the winnings on your taxes), and then a few weeks later I got a FedEx envelope with a $1,000 store card. They let me break it up into 5 $200 cards at my local Publix because I was afraid I would lose the one with so much money on it. Now that I do the surveys frequently, I never win. I keep hoping I will get the Home Depot one, but the odds are ridiculous. I think I got my once-in-a-lifetime win, and that’s going to be it for me, but I never give up hope that I’ll get that phone call again! I, too, used to think that they were fake, but if you go on any of the stores’ sites, they list the winners as proof. I watched something somewhere that there are some women that do these all day long and win stuff. You don’t have to purchase anything at many of the stores- you just go to the website, and an address is listed telling you where to send a 3X5, but some of those crazy ladies out there send out 50 of them, like it’s their job. But I keep hoping my few entries will be enough!! Anyway, don’t give up, but be careful where and how much personal info you give out 🙂

  14. sam

    Personally it seems like Home Depot is being pretty cheap giving away $5K 4 time s a year. They could afford a helluva lot more if they want to show their customers some appreciation. I have filled out many of these, and not a peep (I am a ftrequent shopper) . I give up.

  15. Jesse

    Seems like I didn’t win the last Home Depot contest, but I’ve got quite a few done since the last time, and hope this will finally be it for me, as I’ve submitted 43 (and counting so far). That, and I did quite a few others for various stores, and anything at all would be a great help as of now for my family and I.

  16. Jesse

    Well as it turned out, you do indeed win these contests, and while I still haven’t won the Home Depot survey (not yet at least) I did just win a $100 gift card to Wawa, which was great, and at least won something! Hopefully I’ll be the lucky winner of Home Depot next month, and am now up to 66 receipts, and counting! Can’t believe I did win one of these surveys at last! 🙂

  17. Jennifer

    You can win them, last year my mom won $100 at Albertsons and this year for Q1 I’m Home Depots winner! I just got my gift card last week. It still blows my mind that I won and thinking back I probably only filled out one survey but it does only take one to win!!!

  18. Jesse

    Congrats, and amazing that you won by doing only one entry or so, considering I did so many the last time! I submitted 86 to be exact for this period (as I counted all the way this time), and really hope I finally win the Home Depot contest at last! We’ll find out soon!


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