Home décor trends change every year. With each added trend, the less popular ones are washed out. If you’re contemplating remodeling your home, go through the six items you need to abandon in 2017.

Shabby and Oversized Furniture

‘Old is Gold’. You instantly realize this may not be the case when you start sinking in your furniture and it throws off the look of your home. You need to know the clear difference between the ‘old’ and the ‘antique’. Antique pieces exhibit your rustic taste, while still giving a modern appeal, whereas old furniture looks clumsy and puts a bad impression on visitors. Get rid of the pieces that show signs of disrepair. Old and oversized furniture is nothing but a waste of space. Old furnishings start creaking, which also hinders the peaceful atmosphere of your home. It’s time you ditch your ugly and annoying furniture to make space for new.

Crowded Kitchen

Remember how compact traditional kitchens were for easy approachability? That is history now. Nowadays, spacious kitchens are the key to cooking scrumptious food. Crowded kitchens get messy, and all the appliances that get in the way can be frustrating. Such mayhem can be reflected in the food you prepare. Skip the idea of a congested kitchen and make space to organize all the utensils and kitchen appliances. Opt for wall ovens and fridges, counter-top sinks, counter embedded stoves, so that everything is properly aligned and doesn’t get in your way while you cook.

Vintage Light Bulbs

We all use good old Edison bulbs to light up our outdoor space at night. But these vintage light bulbs are a thing of the past. There are better lighting solutions available now that consume less energy and save your electricity bills. Old fashioned hanging bulbs can be replaced with LED lights that are available in the form of a string. This can give an enchanting look to your patio, but you can also use solar lights for a modern-day lighting solution.

Cool Neutral Tones

Neutral tones may seem a sophisticated choice at the beginning, but as the time goes by, they appear dull and boring. Light colors like white, beige, fawn, off-white and cream can make your space look bright and cooler, but they require an awful amount of maintenance. Besides that, they depict your lack of creativity and tasteless personality. Even if this trend was in play, why would you choose something that kills the fun? Paint the blank walls of your home with something more inspiring and mood lifting in this year.

Copper Overload

Copper was the most loved metal decoration in the eyes of interior decorators, when the trend first came in. As crude and natural it looks, it does not hold its appearance for long. The artificial metal wears off much faster than the original and leaves you replacing every single bit of copper item in your home. If you do want to use copper, use it in moderation.

Carrara Marble

No doubt Carrara marble looks stunning with its signature gray veins running across a flawless white surface,but it stains pretty quickly. If you have the strength to keep it properly maintained, go ahead and use it, but the trend is shifting more toward quartz and soapstone for convenience. Moreover, its beautiful gray veins standout too much sometimes, which can overpower other details of the room.

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