House Made of Recycled Car Parts

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House Made of Recycled Car Parts

I found a very interesting video on the other day; a house made of 100 cars – recycled of course –  a other reclaimed materials. It’s actually a very beautiful house. The owners really put a lot of thought into the design and function of the home. Who knew that Dodge Caravan windows could be reused as windows on a house and overhang?

The definition of “modern” home is changing in some very creative ways like their shipping container office. Enjoy!


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  1. Young Professional Finances

    Wow that is really creative! I’m amazed they were able to do that – and make it still look nice!

  2. First Gen American

    What an awesome home. Thanks for sharing. That auto glass is also very impact resistant. It’s great stuff. I haven’t thought of a car junkyard before for getting salvage goods. Very interesting concept.

  3. MoneyCone

    I have to say that is very neat and creative!

  4. Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    This house looks amazing. Wow! I want one. If we ever decide to build this will definitely be considered.

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