Since my Raleigh was stolen a couple of weeks ago, I have this pent-up energy and need to ride a bike again. It’s quite awful; it’s a feeling of freedom lost once known. I liken it to being a wild bird trapped in a cage. But bike shopping is by far the worst! Now that I know more about bikes, I can’t just walk into a bike shop and say, “I’ll take that one!” Oh, no. Instead, I’ve done online research, narrowed it down to “needing” certain accessories on my bike and a style that very few of my bike shops within a 35-mile radius carry. I know since I’ve visited about 15 bikes shops within that range and can’t find THE ONE. I also have a set budget, limiting my options, but it’s high enough to satisfy my “need.”

The truth is, after all this searching, and still not having a bike yet, I’d just rather have my Raleigh back. I was perfectly happy riding it, wasn’t thinking of “upgrading” anytime soon, and it met my need. The problem now is that I just don’t want to replace it with a newer version of the same bike. I feel that the insurance money I received really should be applied to what I’ve researched and I want to use my increased knowledge of bikes to get exactly what I want.

So, the hunt continues. I search Craigslist for smokin’ deals, hoping to either see my stolen Raleigh (not a chance!), or luck out and find just the bike I want. I even visited a re-used cycle garage sale hoping to come across something (okay, my Raleigh), but couldn’t find any bikes for me. Of course, the owner of this “mobile shop” kept telling me he just sold exactly bike I’m searching for the other day. Great! String me along why don’t you!

Mr. LH has been quite the sport. Schlepping across town, asking questions about the online bikes we found, giving me a yay or nay on certain models. He’s even mentioned that he doesn’t want me to “settle” just because I’m sick and tired of shopping knowing I’m really close to saying, “Fine, I’ll take that one!”

But not quite yet. So the search continues……

I just hope I have my bike in time for CicLAvia October 7th!

Have you ever had something stolen, broken, or gone missing that had to be replaced? Did you just wish you had the old object back?

**UPDATE: I purchased a bike and will have it this week!Β  Very close to exactly what I wanted and a beauty. Will share soon!**