It’s My 1-Year Anniversary!

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Happy Birthday, Little House!

Happy Birthday, Little House!

It’s hard to believe that my one-year anniversary of beginning this blog is already here. When I started this blog, my goals were listed in my 3-step plan:

  1. Pay down my debt
  2. Improve my credit score
  3. Save for a down payment for a house

I really didn’t have a “blog” goal, per say. By starting this blog, I felt it would keep me more focused on my 3-steps if people were watching. If I had a blog goal forming in the back of my mind,  that goal was to give it a year and try and build a small readership. Thankfully, I’ve done just that with the help of a blogging network, the Yakezie ( coming August 16th!). I’ve also become a staff writer for, a terrific opportunity for me to expand my readership! As for my initial 3-step progress:

  1. Pay down my debtStatus: On going. My credit cards are paid in full and I’m getting closer to paying off my crummy line of credit. I’m not too concerned about my student loan or auto loan, but those two are next on my list to conquer.
  2. Improve my credit score Status: On target! I’ve managed to increase it to above 700. (I haven’t checked it in a couple of months, but last I checked is was at 728.)
  3. Save for a down payment for a houseStatus: Missed the mark. I’ve actually put off this step off in order to fulfill step 1. I also need to reassess this goal since I need to get serious about saving for retirement. Perhaps this step needs to be a retirement goal, or I need to add a 4th step. Though a 4-step plan just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Over the next year I’ll continue working on my goals, and possibly add a 4th one: Save for retirement. I can’t really formulate a plan as to where this blog will lead, but since I still enjoy blogging I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Now a quick recap of some of my initial posts for a trip down memory lane:

  • An Easy Plan– Details step-1; Looking back, I’m definitely on target with this goal as well.
  • I like Pie Charts – I also like pie; apple, pumpkin, cherry. Must have whipped cream topping…..
  • Living Vicariously Through Others – I was being a bit snarky, especially considering I don’t own a house yet.

Have you made progress on your goals? Do you reevaluate your goals throughout the year?


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  1. Everyday Tips

    Congratulations Little House! You have done a great job.

    Regarding saving for a house, at least you are entering the housing market when it is at incredibly depressed values. Hopefully you will be able to get a great deal deal when the time is right.

    I am off on my goals because of some unexpected expenses. That’s ok though, life happens!
    .-= Everyday Tips´s last blog ..Retiring Before the Age of 40 How Realistic Is That =-.

    • Little House

      @Everyday Tips – Thanks for the kudos. This is a perfect time for purchasing a house, however I think I will still be okay by putting it off another year or two. The housing prices sky-rocketed so far up in my neighborhood, they will be stagnant for a while, thankfully! Thanks again!

      @Financial Samurai – Yes, rates are low and properties are much cheaper than they were three years ago = best time to buy. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to purchase a home sooner than later!

  2. Financial Samurai

    Happy, happy, anniversary! No need to rush to buy a home, although rates are so enticingly cheap and property prices look good.

    Perhaps try and pay off det and save for the house at the same time!

  3. Nicole @ Rainy-Day Saver

    Happy Anniversary/Birthday, blog & blog owner! =)
    .-= Nicole @ Rainy-Day Saver´s last blog ..Make Money Freelancing — Through Networking =-.

    • Little House

      @Nicole @ Rainy Day Saver – thanks for the blog b’day wishes!

      @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – Thanks for the comment. Great to hear you’re hitting your mid-year mark. You’re doing tremendously well for your 6-month mark!

      @Joe Plemon – Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes, getting out of debt is being pushed to the fore-front of my priorities right now.

  4. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

    Happy Birthday Little House Blog! Very cool. I’m coming up on 6 months on August 20th and the time has flown by. You’ve achieved so much…it’s motivating to me! Here’s to another great year *clink with my water cup*!

  5. Joe Plemon

    Congrats on one year.
    Your success is an inspiration to many of us. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, I applaud your priorities: getting out of debt before jumping into a house.

  6. Mysti

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary!

    You are rockin’ it….so enjoy the progress you have made, instead of focusing on what didn’t happen.

    My blog anniversary is this week too…the first week of August must be a popular time to get it together.
    .-= Mysti´s last blog ..Bliss – August 4- 2010 =-.

  7. Money Reasons

    Congrats, on being 1 year old!

    I’ll take a piece of cake and 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream please!

    As a frequent reader, I just want to say: “thanks for writing such great material”! It’s a pleasure to read your content 🙂

    Next year, I think I’ll try the black cherry ice cream…

  8. Invest It Wisely

    Don’t worry so much about #3… just doing #1 and #2 are great accomplishments! I also believe that paying off that expensive debt before going for the house was a good sense of priorities. Congrats!
    .-= Invest It Wisely´s last blog ..Save More Money with Indexed Funds =-.

    • Little House

      @Invest it Wisely – Thanks for the comment and the encouragement! I intend to fulfill goal #1 within 18-22 months (I used a debt calculator and think this is doable since I’m moving that crummy loan to a lower interest one this month!). Thanks again!

  9. Sandy L

    Congrats. I hope I make as much progress as you in a year both in blogging and life goals.

    We are teetering on the brink of being either totally debt free in a year (including our house), or going into even more debt to buy our retirement/rental home in my husband’s home town on the ocean. Not sure which path we will take yet.

    I’m actually leaning towards getting the extra house because I’m naturally risk averse and I need to take more risks. I think timing might be pretty good right

    • Little House

      @Sandy L – I think house debt is a little different. If you don’t have any additional debts, then go for the second house (especially if you can get a good deal on it and pay if off quickly)! It’s also great that your first house will be paid in full next year, not too many people can say that.

  10. Bucksome Boomer

    I didn’t realize your blog was about the same age as mine. Congratulations on the anniversary and progress on your first two goals. I think you could remove the credit score goal if its accomplished and add the saving for retirement.

    I think paying off debt is most important. Once you have that money freed up every month, your house purchase fund will dramatically grow.

    • Little House

      @Bucksome Boomer – That’s a terrific idea. I think that’s what I’ll do: drop the credit score goal and replace it with the retirement savings goal. Once I have the debt paid off, I can start putting that money towards the house fund. Thanks again!

  11. Suba @ Wealth Informatics

    Happy Anniversary! I didn’t realize the blog is just one year old! You have achieved so much!!! Great job!! And good job on the goals #1 & #2.

    We are also struggling with the down payment vs retirement savings goal. We chose retirement savings. Even though the house prices are rock bottom (or so they say) we decided when we could afford to save for retirement and hit the 20% down payment mark, that would be the right time for “us” to buy…
    .-= Suba @ Wealth Informatics´s last blog ..How to get your FICO &amp FAKO credit scores for free =-.

    • Little House

      @Suba – Wealth Informatics – Thanks for the kudos! Living in “the valley” housing prices have definitely deflated, but are still kind of high. I’m now on the fence about if I want to stay in the valley more than 2-3 more years, which is also delaying the whole process. However, I think your plan to save for retirement is very smart. I’m pretty sure that’s the route I’ll be forging this year. Thanks again for your comment!

  12. danielle

    happy blog birthday!! i remember when my personal blog hit its first blog birthday… it’s such a cool thing to look back at all the progress and things learned, not to mention all the networking. and awesome job on your goals!
    .-= danielle´s last blog ..Whats Eating Your Paycheck =-.

  13. Fitzgerald35Nellie

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  14. Len Penzo

    Happy Blogaversary! Keep up the great work and congrats on the Wisebread gig,
    too! 🙂

    Finally, I want to echo Joe’s statement: before you buy that house – GET OUT OF DEBT. Get out of debt. Echo. Echo. Row row row your boat… Row, row, row

    All the best,
    All the best,

    Len Penzo dot Com
    Len Penzo dot Com
    .-= Len Penzo´s last blog ..Walking the Walk- My 114-000 Challenge to Uncle Sam =-.

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