Whether you’re starting from scratch and building up your first kitchen collection, or you’re a nomad working on setting up your 5th kitchen in as many years, there are always a few essential items for your kitchen that have been overlooked or that you may need to upgrade. Rather than getting caught mid-recipe without the supplies you need, review the following list and make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Pots and Pans

This goes without saying—you’ll have trouble cooking without the necessary equipment. You may be able to survive a few days by microwaving eggs in a cup, but it’ll get old, fast (trust me, that’s how I spent my college years).

If you want to invite friends over for dinner at your luxury apartment, you’ll need to go beyond the basics. A Dutch oven can be your go-to for big meals. You can boil pasta, cook rice, simmer meat, or make a casserole. Don’t forget a multi-purpose sauté pan for burgers for burgers or any breakfast foods.

For pans, you can go a long way with just a sheet pan or two and a baking pan for cakes or casseroles.

pots and pansImage Source: Pixabay


No new apartment is complete without a sharp chef’s knife (8-inch) and a paring knife (3-4 inch). They’ll be your go-to for preparing any meal. Make sure to invest in a knife sharpener too.

Meat Thermometer

If you always have trouble figuring out whether your chicken is done or if you just want to make sure you’re not going to make your guests ill at your first dinner party, you should purchase a meat thermometer. The small investment goes a long way.

meat thermometerImage Source: Flickr

Prep Equipment

You won’t make it very far without a set of measuring cups, and you’ll soon be nicking the counters in your upscale apartment home if you for got to buy cutting boards. Add in a colander for pasta and vegetables, a few mixing bowls for breading chicken or preparing baked foods, a whisk, and a spatula, and you’re good to go.

Food Storage

If you want to save money, you’ll need to cook in bulk. Freezer safe storage containers work wonders for leftovers, and partitioned containers are great for packing a balanced lunch.

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