We are getting really close to being finished with our front yard landscaping. We started plotting the layout in January and early February, then started planting in February and March. Our yard isn’t very large, but the soil is full of rocks making it difficult to dig and plant.

Here are the details of the front yard so far (we live in zone 10 and planted drought tolerant plants):

  • Plants used to create a mediterranean-like landscape to fit our environment: Artemisia Powis Castle (Silvermound), Tuscan Rosemary, Spanish Lavender, Purple Fountain grass (Fireworks), Creeping Red Fescue (started as seed and still coming in), Myoporum, Echeveria and Sempervivium succulents
  • Borders: Master Mark PremierEdge edging, Terrace Board, small rocks we found in the yard (since we have so many of them!), starter pots that we cut the tops off of and placed around 3 of our silvermounds to make a perfect circle
  • Decorative rocks: Lava rock and pea gravel

Fescue grass is taking a long time to come in

We still have more rock to lay around the plants in front of the bay window, but we are finished planting for now. We also went totally over budget. We bought twice as many plants as I thought we’d need, more borders and we still aren’t finished laying the rock. I’m estimating we are at about $1,000 so far (including a cement walkway) which is $400 over budget. It will look great and be worth it once the plants are established.

Next up, working on the back patio and finishing up the side yards.