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A small house doesn’t have to mean tight, cramped living. There are many little house plans that creatively use and manage small space in a way that their residents still have the feeling of a larger, more open home. The plans and articles below contain several resources for information about getting the most out of a small home as well as actual home plans.

Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine

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Tiny House Plans for Sale:

Tiny House Design’s Pioneer Cabin – 16 x 20

¬†Tiny House Design’s Pioneer Cabin House Plan: $9.95 Buy it Now

The 42-page e-book contains the framing plans, required lumber, and drawings for this structure.

Tiny House Design’s Coastal Cottage – There are 7 interior design options for this model.

Tiny House Design’s Coastal Cottage House Plan: $9.95 Buy it Now

This Coastal Cottage Design is built on a trailer and comes with 8 optional interior layouts.

Small House Plans for Sale:

ePlans Tiny Country House 66032

ePlans Tiny Country House plan 66032¬† is still large enough for traditional financing (financing houses under 400 sq ft is tricky), but definitely considered a small house plan. Again, I think I’d ditch one of the bedrooms for one larger bedroom instead of 2 small ones.

Plans start at $405 up to $1,150 for Auto CAD plans. Buy it Now

ePlans Craftsman Bungalow 11192.

ePlans Craftsman Bungalow 11192 is 1,484 sq ft. Slightly larger than a traditional “small” house, but still small by modern standards. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and two stories.

Plans start at $665 for unmodifiable and go up to $1,410 for Auto CAD files. Buy it Now

ePlans Cottage Plan 12028

ePlans Cottage Plan 12028 is only 945 sq. ft. The living area is on the second story with the 2 bedrooms on the first story. I honestly would ditch one of the 2 bedrooms and make just one large bedroom down stairs instead of two small ones.

Plans start at $470 and go up to $700 depending on if you need to make modifications. Buy it Now

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