While Texas isn’t quite known for having cold temperatures, there have been instances where the northern parts of Texas get extremely cold. And with climate change, weather disturbances like a cold snap or polar vortex can make things get cold pretty fast. Texas may soon no longer be known for being dry and arid. Few things to consider to make winter proof house.

* How To Make Winter Proof House:

Times are changing, and it’s about time you made some changes to your home too. Here are a few things you can do to make your Texas house winter-proof.

  • Change Your Thermostat:

Change Your Thermostat
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Time to do away with having dials and knobs for your thermostat. Get a more modern thermostat that allows you to program the temperature at different times of the day. If you get a smart home thermostat that you can link with your smartphone, you can program it to lower the temperature when you’re out of the house and increase it while you drive home. Mother Nature will thank you for using less energy, and so will your bank account.

  • Fix Up That Fireplace:

Fix Up That Fireplace
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Unless you live in the northern parts of Texas, chances are your house does not have a furnace. But with global warming mucking up the weather patterns, who’s to say the drier regions won’t experience a little sleet and snow anymore? So prepare for the coming of winter by contacting a few furnace installers and have them install one in your home. By the time winter rolls in, you’ll be all warm and cozy in your home with nary a care to spare for the biting cold.

  • Mind The Gaps:

Heating up a house becomes less efficient if the cold keeps coming in. Cracks and gaps in your foundation and walls can let the cold air in, forcing your heating system to work twice as hard to keep the air in your house warm. It can also lead to uneven temperatures around the house. Get some caulk to fill in any gaps that you think might be a welcome entrance for freezing temperatures into your home.

  • Insulate Those Floors:

While we’re on the subject of keeping the cold out, you may want to get your floorboards insulated too. The outside temperature can easily influence the temperature of your floors. To avoid this, you might want to hire an insulation professional near you to fill up your floors (and maybe even your walls) with foam. The foam acts as an insulator, reducing drafts from coming in and the heat from escaping. This also has an added bonus of keeping pests from building a home inside your walls and under your floorboards.

  • Layer Up:

And no, we don’t mean putting on more coats and sweaters. Break out those throw pillows and blankets and pepper your living space with these bad boys. The house feels warmer instantly, and when you cover yourself with a few of them while watching TV, you will too.

Got cold feet? Warm up your toes by laying down some rugs and carpets over your ceramic or tile floors to prevent bluish toes due to the cold.

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