Pastel Tiles

With Spring finally here, many of us are now looking to get that DIY project we’ve been putting off underway. Whether you’re hoping to totally renovate or just give your home a little spring clean update, using pastel colours is a great way of breathing life back in to your home. Some people can shy away from pastels for fear of creating a look that is considered “feminine”, but pastels are actually a fantastic way of lightening and brightening up difficult rooms like bathrooms.

What Themes use Pastels?

Of course, pastels go hand in hand with lighter looks like country and rustic designs. Because they pair so well with lighter colours, they help to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere within a room. Bathrooms and kitchens in particular benefit well from pastel tones and using these coloured tiles in these rooms will give your home a delicate touch.

Which Colours Where?

pastel tones

Colour is something very personal and ultimately comes down to you and your tastes. However, there is generally some colour advice when it comes to pastels. Oftentimes, less is more, especially when opting for something like pink. Pink is a gorgeous colour that can bring both style and sophistication. But if used in excess, can be quite sickly sweet and overwhelming. The same goes for most other pastel colours. Instead of focusing on just one colour, try and pair your pastel tiles with other tiles to bring a sense of harmony to the room.

What Tiles are Complimentary?

As we’ve just discussed, pastel tiles look best when paired with other tiles to help strike that equilibrium. Because its such a delicate look it often benefits from a slightly rougher edge. Textured tiles pair beautifully with the softer pastel look and wood effect tiles in particular look incredible. Earlier we mentioned that the rustic and country looks work well with pastel tiles, so wood effect tiles are ideal. Why worry about damaging natural wood when you can install a wood effect tile. The aesthetic is the same but instead holds all of the practical benefits of a tile. Similarly, if you choose to use a pastel wall tile, try a slate floor tile to bring that nature in to the look. The contrast between the sweet look of pastels and harsher industrial of slate makes for a well rounded design.

Pastel colours aren’t to everyones tastes, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. You can simply introduce tiles in splashbacks or mosaics and let the main focus be on a bigger, neutral tile. Pastel shades shouldn’t be shied away from as much as they are since they can be incorporated in to any number of design schemes both now and preexisting.

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