There are times when people sell their houses and have to vacate them sooner than their new ones are ready to move into. There are even times when someone has to move from their current house for one reason or another with a long period in between while they are looking for somewhere else to live.

If you are in the process of jumping from one house without another one to land in, then these are the best housing options to get you through the interim unscathed and, hopefully, less frustrated. Being displaced is never easy, but if you plan ahead and take the steps necessary to be prepared, then it will go by much more quickly than if you don’t.

If you plan on putting your house up for sale, make sure you are prepared if it sells before you can move to your new one. Knowing what your moving options are from professionals like Riverbend Moving & Storage, will ensure that you aren’t left scrambling looking for a place for you or your belongings to occupy. If you have to find a place to live, decide if you want to move your things with you or store them until you have a permanent place to put them.

1.  Short-term Lease

A short-term lease rental is a great option between your current and final destination if you have limited things that are going to go with you. The advantage of short-term leases is that they can not only house you, but your things, and they typically have all the comforts of home. With a short-term lease you have the advantage of only signing from month to month, which means that when you are ready to move along, you aren’t locked into paying a mortgage or rent for a couple of months.

2.  Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a great option if you are just going to be displaced for a short time. They usually come furnished with everything you need. You can store your things in a storage container or unit and use what the corporate rental comes with. That way you don’t have to move your things out of a living area twice.

3.  Subletting

Subletting an apartment, home or condo is great if you think that your displacement is going to be more than just a month or two. A sublet will allow you to stay for a short time without the expense or the hassle of being locked into a specified lease length. If you aren’t sure how long it is going to take to find somewhere else to live and you have already sold your place or have to move, then a sublet will usually give you the option of renting from month to month, which is a great advantage for someone who is in moving limbo.

4.  Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are an excellent way to buy time for someone who knows when their new residence will be move-in ready. There are a ton of online rental websites that let you see what is available in every city in the United States. Although a bit more pricey, vacation rentals will come fully furnished with dishes and laundry facilities included. Meaning that you get all the comforts of home.

If you want, you can get a rental in a vacation location and wind down after a stressful selling period. Just store your things in a pod or a storage unit until you are ready to make your final move.

5.  Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels are a good option if you know that the in-between is going to be very short. Extended stay hotels offer a day to day option that you usually can’t get with other types of rental properties. While this option can be a little more expensive, it is typically slightly less than a vacation rental, but comes with the same amenities. They also don’t require that you move your furniture twice, you can store it away and live day to day while either waiting for your next house or while looking for one.

If you are wondering where to live while between properties, this list will come in handy. The ideal option is to move directly from one home to the other, but in the real estate industry, there are rarely times when things are ideal. If you want to make sure that you aren’t left scrambling looking for options when one house sells before the next one is found or ready, then make sure to know what your options are and to plan ahead of time as much as you can.

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