Many people want to simplify their lives by downsizing their home. One of the interesting parts of living in a tiny house is figuring out how to manage all of the functions of life in a small space. One must find a space for cooking, sleeping, sitting, bathing and even toileting.

Bathroom Ideas For Small Home

In fact, one of the big things that interest friends and nosy neighbors when you are building a tiny house is the bathroom situation. Here are some common bathroom ideas if you are considering building a tiny house.

* Composting Toilet:

This is probably one of the most popular options in tiny house circles. It is simple and low cost and does not require water or sewer access. It is a self-contained waste disposal system.

The simplest model is the bucket method as outlined in The Humanure Handbook. This requires a nearby place for composting waste. The more expensive factory-made model’s compost waste right inside of a bin in the toilet. When operated properly, composting toilets are said to have little to no odor.

* Camp Toilet:

These can be purchased anywhere camping gear is sold. They are usually touted as being great for camping or boating and have an attached tank that must be emptied when full. The upside is that this is an inexpensive option that requires no installation. The downside is that you must have a place to empty it regularly.

* Incinerating Toilet:

Like the composting and camp toilets, this one requires no water or sewer hook up. It does, however, require electricity. If you plan on going solar as part of simplifying your life, this option may not be for you.

It works by placing a small paper much like a coffee filter into the bowl. After you are finished, a pedal releases your deposit into a tank where the magic happens and a switch gets the process started. When everything’s said and done, you have a neat pile of odorless, microbe-free ash.

In the event that the power goes out before the incinerator can do its thing, you may have to deal with odor until the power is restored. These little beauties are one of the more expensive options but are high on convenience.

* Slightly More Traditional Option:

There are products, such as the SaniflosaniACCESS 3, that allow users to place a toilet where it could not previously go. Due to its compact waste removal mechanism, this toilet does not need tons of room for pipe placement and it can be easily installed in other rooms or even outside to maximize the space of the house. It also basically manages waste and uses much less water than a traditional toilet.

When building a tiny house, you must consider how you will manage all of the functions of life. Some activities, like laundry, can be done elsewhere. But, some things, like a functional bathroom, are more convenient to have at home. Among these suggestions, you may find just the right solution for your tiny house bathroom.

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