The end of the year is drawing near and my quarterly goals systems has really worked quite well this year. Part of that success is due to having a steady stream of income, and part of the success is due to making my goals obtainable and very timely.

My final push this year is to continue to save for a down payment on a house. I’m investing $655 per month towards that goal, plus any additional monies we take in also gets thrown towards the down payment fund. So for this quarter, my focus is quite narrow:

  • Save a down payment – Continue investing $655 plus any additional income.
  • Continue earning “passive” and side income to throw towards down payment.

That’s it folks. ¬†Two goals that are already in the works. At the beginning of next year, my goals will probably remain just as narrow and focused, but mid-way through next year we’re going to take a good, long, hard look at our plan to purchase a house in Southern California. A few recent events (horrible traffic and lack of rain, to name two) have made us think about upping our time line to move some place else, we just don’t know where that “some place else” would be. But, giving up my job and moving away from a place we’ve lived for years is a big decision; one that will take some time to evaluate.

Have you recently made a lifestyle change that involved moving someplace else? What were the benefits or drawbacks?