A spacious studio apartment or one bedroom apartment isn’t something you should run away from. In fact, you can decorate a small, luxurious apartment with more purpose and precision than any other home. A new apartment with limited space can be a blessing in disguise as you learn to manage your belongings, maximize space efficiently, minimize clutter, and keep things simple. We’re going to help you live large in your small space with the following tips.

1.  Design Rooms With Multiple Purposes

For example, you can hang clothes in a walk-in closet while also saving enough space for a mini-bar or wine-bar with automated lighting strips. Alternatively, you can install a stained wood pull-down desk in a large walk-in closet to double as a home office.

design rooms Image Source: Wikimedia

2.  Anything Can Be Storage

When you’re short on space, you need to rethink how and where you store things. A stylish trunk is a great addition to any luxury apartment. It can act as a fashionable centerpiece, coffee table, and storage space. A rising coffee table also acts as a great multi-purpose piece. To utilize your closet doors, install a fold-out ironing board or full-size hanging mirror.

Don’t forget about your soaring ceilings—rising storage along the walls is fashionable and convenient. Flat screen televisions should be mounted securely to the wall rather than bringing in a cumbersome entertainment center, and floating shelves placed complimentary to other décor pieces can add character and extra space.

3.  Don’t Forget the Kitchen

It goes without saying that it can be difficult to cook in a small space, but if you plan and design accordingly, you can maximize your area stylishly and create culinary masterpieces. A sturdy set of wall-magnets can be critical for hanging knives, pots and pans, and metal utensils.

small apartment kitchenImage Source: Flickr

4.  Bigger is Better, and Less is More

Many decorators think that you need to put small furniture in a small apartment, but that only detracts from it. Using large furniture that fits and is proportional can go a long way toward making a new apartment into a cozy home. Don’t rush out and buy everything at once or buy unnecessary items, be patient until you find the right shape and style of furniture for your modern apartment design.

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