Are you taking up residence in a studio apartment? Maybe you’ve just made the move into a cramped dorm room. Or perhaps you’re embracing the latest minimalist style of living in a tiny home.

Small Living Room Decor

These design tips can make your small living areas feel more inviting, look more stylish and up the comfort all together.

* Make It Stretch:

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Just like emphasizing the vertical space, you should also play up the horizontal. Just as in vertical design, the right horizontal styling can create a sense of movement in a small room that lacks visual interest. For example, horizontal shiplap on the walls from the floor to the ceiling can draw in the eye and cause the eye to travel around the room, putting the spotlight on both the height and length of the room. This simple trick can fool your eyes into believing space is larger than it truly is. You can also create a sense of dynamism with mirrors that reflect light back into the room and accessories such as modern leggy furniture.

* Going Up?

One of the simplest ways to create more space in a relatively small room is to go vertical. Whether you opt to incorporate handsome shelves for your collection of books or chic hanging pendant light in your small kitchen area, these elements can not only emphasize a room’s vertical space but give your otherwise small room a feeling of openness. Other design options could include a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall with pops of color and a series of mixed media art or a hanging potted plant with long, draping greenery. In addition to increasing the openness of space, emphasizing the vertical space can also enhance the movement and flow of a room. Practical tools such as a step ladder and tape measure can help you achieve this look in your own home.

* White Out:

This tip is not just for mistakes made on pen and paper. White paint has reflective qualities which can open up a room, making space feel airy and even larger. White also simplifies the space and can be a great way to emphasize interesting architectural features around your home, like a staircase, nook or fireplace, for example. For a cloud-like effect, go all white, everything from the floor to the ceiling. If that seems like a little much, incorporate warm elements like wood or textured accessories like a shaggy rug to your white space.

* Pare Down:

The easiest way to make a quaint room feel crowded is to stuff it with oversized furniture. When adding accessories and furniture to your small space consider the scale. As long as you get the scale and the proportion correct, you can completely outfit your space with an array of different furniture items. And, it is also smart to opt for furniture items that double as storage solutions so that clutter can be kept out of sight. When putting out all of your furniture, be sure to account of the foot traffic that will be coming and going through space, HGTV suggests. Put together a floor plan that flows with plenty of space to move around as well as ample seating and lounge areas.

These simple solutions for small spaces can trick the eye, reflect more light and make your small living space more comfortable which are some really, big wins.

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