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Get a Bike, Ride a Bike?

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Every holiday season, instead of receiving a bonus or gift from my employer, I get lots of days off;  three weeks to be exact. Of course, I don’t get paid for these days off, so in my case it’s not a time for joyous celebration. However, I do enjoy spending time with my family and catching up on extraneous projects. Yet, this holiday season, U.S. Ikea employees will be receiving a bicycle. Oh, how I love bicycles. Too bad I don’t work for Ikea. Now, I’m a big proponent...

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Riding in the Rain? Nope.

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I’ve been feeling lazy lately. Instead of pedaling my way to work on the majority of week days, I’ve been tapping the gas pedal instead. I can blame it partially on the weather, the cooler weather makes it more difficult to get going in the morning, which makes me run out of time for cycling. Of course, this week we finally had some much-needed rain, and that too curtails my riding. If only I could figure out a way to ride in the rain without getting wet! Wednesday, I rode to work...

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