I don’t know if it’s the glutton of gifts or all the holiday food, but I always feel a bit drained the day after Christmas. It’s almost like the air’s been let out of my tires; like I’m decompressing. I normally don’t hit the stores the day after Christmas since it’s just too much shopping for the month of December. However, I know plenty of  people who dive right back in snatching up left over holiday decorations and deeply reduced items for gifts next year. I just can’t get myself motivated to go back out into the crowded malls.

The one thing I do know I’m doing today is visiting my favorite restaurant that’s only available in Arizona; Native New Yorker. I love their buffalo wings! I can’t find anything like them anywhere near my home. They’re the small wings not the big ones with the strange bone poking out the side, deep fried (I guess my slow carb diet will begin next week 😉 ), and coated with a blend of Ken’s hot sauce and butter. For .40 .65 cents a piece, they’re quite still a bargain. It’s something I look forward to while visiting family in Arizona. YUM!

Since today is the “day after” a major holiday, many people will be staying home and recuperating. Here is a short list of reading material to browse through for your reading pleasure: