I’ll admit I really don’t like to clean. Sure, I’ll pick up after myself or wipe down a counter top, but when it comes to deep cleaning, I often procrastinate. The problem with procrastinating is that when I do get around to cleaning, it’s much more work!

Take my baseboards for instance, when I first moved in they were bright white. After a few months, a layer of dust collected on them. Since the paint was still fairly fresh, I could easily wipe up the dust with a dry cloth.  Fast forward to neglecting them for months-on-end and now I can’t even get all of the dust and dirt off of them with a damp cloth. They probably won’t ever get back to their original color until they’re repainted.

A similar thing is happening in my bathroom shower and it’s starting to make me squirm a bit.  I’ll give you a visual of the problem; we have two bathrooms and two showers, one we use regularly and the other we don’t. The unused shower (it’s only been used a handful of times) still has gleaming tiles and white grout. In contrast, the frequently used shower’s grout is beginning to look like it’s alive! I actually tried scrubbing it the other day while I was in the shower with just a scrub brush and water to make it look less icky, but it’s long past being able to be scrubbed away without chemicals!

(Sure, I could use the “clean” shower, but then I’ll eventually have to clean that one, too! I’m trying to keep that one pristine. 😉 )

I don’t like using near-toxic chemicals that make my eyes burn and my nose run. Yet, I’m going to have to use something stronger than just a basic cleanser, something similar to Megasealed’s Megaclean Green that’s designed for tough stains and still environmentally friendly. I’m not really looking forward to spending an afternoon cleaning, but I’m always pleased with the end results. I guess I know what I’ll be doing on my upcoming four-day weekend.

How do you keep up with your cleaning? Do you deep clean once a month, or just touch up daily? Tips welcome!


  1. I’m not a fond cleaner myself. Especially with a shedding dog in the house. But I enjoy deep cleaning more than straightening. It feels satisfying to see such a good result.

    What’s helped me keep things cleaner is thinking about selling my house next year. I consider it “practice.”

    • @Pamela – I think I like deep cleaning better, too. It’s nice when things are really clean. As for the practice you’re doing, that’s a great excuse for cleaning!

  2. You know, when younger I was into deep cleaning and really kept everything looking sharp at all times. It rarely went more than a week between serious cleaning, and I mean really trying to make all seem almost new.

    Now, older with kids, I just find that impossible due to time and wear and tear. So, it will be more like a few weeks between real cleaning and in-between just shaping things up/light cleaning in the interim.

    It does feel great to have tough-to-clean parts of the home looking really great after putting in some deep cleaning work though, I have to admit!

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