With all the glittering lights, ornaments, and holiday sales, it’s easy to want to spend more than you have.

Festive activities that include lots and lots of rich and delicious food make you want to eat until you feel like the stuffed turkey you just stuffed into your mouth, but with the cooler temps outside and the warm, snuggly fire crackling inside, who wants to work out?

So how do you stay motivated during the season of over indulgence?

Stay focused. Stick to your plan. Write it on the walls or where ever you need that motivation to be.

Focus…it’s all about making it to the end goal no matter how far away that may be. Envision yourself at that end goal, whether that’s paying off debt, saving for a down payment, or losing 30 pounds, visualize what that looks like.

I want my six-pack back!

I want my six-pack back!

Now, stick to your plan. It’s perfectly acceptable to alter the plan along the way…especially if the first version isn’t working out too well. If you’ve hit a road block or too many “emergencies” have popped up, it’s time to regroup and figure out how to save a few extra bucks or find more time to work out. (It’s funny that losing weight and paying off debt have similar paths…difficult, tedious, and easily side tracked.)

  • Chisel the bills some more, say “NO!” more often, use more coupons for groceries!
  • More sit-ups! More biking! Take the 30-day Shred!

Write down your goals. Make it big, visable and “in your face!” Remember what you’re working towards on a daily basis.

Visable Goals

Visable Goals

While you’re working towards your goals, it’s a good idea to fine-tune them as you go. Notice my goals above mention February and September, but what about that debt-free December date? Not only do I need to make a plan for the remaining amount, I then need to address my student loan debt…so technically that “Debt Free” date is an illusion.

However, saving money and investing comes BEFORE tackling my student loan debt. But, I’ll  have more money available to begin tackling them one by one.

How do you stay focused on your goals over the holidays?