It’s early January and this month I’m preoccupied thinking about taxes, beginning a new semester of school, and thinking of what I’m going to do differently this year. So I’ve compiled a short To-Do list of things that I must complete by specific dates. This might help others get moving on target issues such as:

  • File my FAFSA by February 20th. The deadline is technically March 2nd, but pushing it to the bitter end is never a good idea.
  • Make Spring Break Plans by March 10th. This one might seem ridiculous, but since spring break usually is a busy travel time, the sooner I make my plans, the more money I’ll save.
  • File my taxes by March 30th. Thankfully this year tax payers get 3 extra days due to a holiday, making the tax deadline this year of April 18th (my b’day!) But don’t wait until the last minute! Of course, next year I’ll get smart and file quarterly tax payments 2011.

That’s enough of a to-do list for now. I try to plan one quarter at a time, it makes it more attainable. 😉

Now for some link loving:

  • Need some information on building high returns through investments? A definite must read article, at least for me – 3 Unconventional Investment Moves to Make in 2011. (Invest it Wisely)
  • Another investment idea -how to invest in gold. This isn’t a new idea, but one to investigate a little further – How to Profit in Gold. (Invest it Wisely)
  • The Saved Quarter is the epitome of frugal with how she budgets for the $100 Holiday. If I could only get my holiday spending under $400, I’d be golden!
  • Need to make extra money this year? Need some ideas? Here is a great list of ideas, including some that are a little unusual – Ways to Make or Save an Extra $1,000 This Month (The Saved Quarter)

Are you thinking about taxes yet? Do you have a plan for the first quarter of the year?