Tuesday Tips, Week 2

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Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House

Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House. I'm so humble.

I’ll have to start coming up with a specific way to title these Tuesday Tips, but for today I’m just titling it as week 2. So, for this week’s tip on frugality and environmentalism, I’ll focus on recycling!

Tip # 2: Recycle your own recyclables!

Why Recycling is Frugal

  • Every time you purchase a bottled or canned drink, you have to pay a fee for the container. In California, that fee is 5 cents a can or bottle. You can redeem a portion of that CRV at a recycling center. You paid the money, you might as well get some of it back! My husband and I have bins for our aluminum and plastic. Once a month we take in our cans and bottles and receive up to $25 cash back, depending on how much we have (the cash back value is based on weight).

Recycling is Good for the Environment

  • Did you know that if you throw away something plastic or aluminum with your everyday garbage, it just ends up at the dump and DOES NOT get recycled? I’ve heard so many people say that their city recycles their recyclables. The city somehow finds the man-power to sort through the garbage dump and pull out the bottles and cans, right? NO!  This is NOT true. Unless you have specific recycle cans from the city, usually one for yard clippings and one for plastic and aluminum, your city doesn’t recycle it. The city has specific garbage trucks that pick up the bins separately.
  • Recycling aluminum cans and bottles take less energy to turn back into cans and bottles. Saving energy is important, not only on your pocket book in the long run (think about your overall energy fees you pay), but for the environment, too.

Do you like my Tuesday Tips so far? Have you learned anything new? That’s my goal, learn something new. Maybe Ryan is right, I am my profession. I’m such a teacher (and a complete dork) ;)


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  1. ConsciouslyFrugal

    Ha! Great minds. Or should it be Great dorks think alike? :P I also do a “Tuesday’s Tip” about saving money. Anyhoo–a shout out from a fellow Californian about the “they’ll recycle it” myth. It’s kind of like folks who toss their rubbish in the streets, thinking a city worker will come along and pick it up. Your trash is your responsibility, people!

    • Little House

      @Consciously Frugal – I so agree! (And I am a dork ;) ) It’s pretty ridiculous that people think that “someone else” will pick up their trash, so littering is “OK.” In a city bursting out at nearly 10M, you’d think people would look at the trash in the streets and realize there aren’t enough city workers to clean up their mess. People can be so lazy!

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