Tuesday Tips - Will become a weekly standard

Tuesday Tips - Will become a weekly standard

I love alliteration, what can I say. Monday’s are always hectic for me and I often can’t sit down to write an eloquent post, so I’ve decided to make Tuesdays a post about something frugal and environmentally friendly. As this is my first “Tuesday Tip” I’ll make a point to keep my tips organized into two categories: Frugal ways to save money and how the tip ties in with the environment. So here goes:

Tip #1 : Use your own reusable containers for water and food.

Frugal ways using your own containers saves you money:

  • Carrying around a water bottle allows you to fill up your canister where ever you go, and it’s free (minus the cost of the bottle). Most places have drinking fountains or water spigets, and most restaurants serve water for free. If you aren’t one to fill up on “tap” water, you can fill your bottle before leaving home.
  • Bringing your lunch to work in reusable containers saves you money. Not only do you save money bringing your own food, you save money on the zip lock bags you no longer have to purchase.
  • Discounts for bringing your own canister. Some places give small discounts for bringing in your own cup. For instance, Starbucks offers a 10 cent off discount for bringing in your own cup.

Using your own container is better for the environment:

  • Less trash to throw away after lunch. If you bring your own lunch to work in a reusable container, you won’t have to throw away the “wrapper” when you’re finished. Just take it home and rinse/wash it out or wipe it out (depending on its contents).
  • No more paper or plastic cups to throw away (and less for the companies to produce in theory). Again, less trash is produced if you bring your own reusable cup.

Since I’m trying to keep my tips short and sweet (that’s the whole point of them), I’d love to hear feedback on how or if you use this tip.