Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House

Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House. I'm so humble.

This week’s Tuesday Tip, use fans instead of the A/C! I live in sunny Southern California and though our weather is mild the majority of the year, we do tend to bear the brunt  of the sweltering heat come mid-day July and August. Instead of cranking up the air for the entire summer, I use fans for evaporative cooling (that’s why mammals sweat…evaporation cools!)

Tip #14: Become a fan man!

Using fans when temps are in the high 80’s to low 90’s instead of the A/C saves money.

  • Fans use less energy than central air or air conditioner units. The amount of energy it takes to turn on your air conditioner is about 6 times (or more depending on the A/C unit) the amount it takes to run a fan or three, or four. Less energy used equals a lower utility bill.  My husband is really the fan man and has sold me on the idea of fans; window fans, box fans, ceiling fans, industrial fans, desk fans, all keep us cool when temps range below 93 degrees (it’s a dry heat, ya know.) Now our wind tunnel, I mean house, only needs our air conditioning unit on for a few weeks out of the year when temps soar above 95 and sometimes into the 100’s, yuck!

Less energy used equals less impact on the environment.

  • Saving energy around the house reduces your carbon footprint! Not only is the electric bill lowered by using fans, using less energy means using less coal or petroleum which is good for the environment.

P.S. On a side note, I don’t live in a high humidity environment, so I’m not so sure how fans would work if humidity levels are high. Also, in states like Arizona and New Mexico where temperatures reach 110 degrees and remain constant all summer long, I don’t think fans would cut it. If you live in a similar environment and have an experience to share, please do!

Do you use fans in the mornings or evening to cool your home down? How often must you turn on your A/C in the summer?