Tuesday Tips, Week 15

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Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House

Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House. I'm so humble.

This week’s Tuesday Tip, try Paperback Swap. I’ll admit I don’t read a lot of books for pleasure, but a few months ago I gave Paperback Swap a try. I had one fiction book I wanted to swap for a non-fiction book. I signed up, loaded my book inventory (my one lonely book!), and within a week I had a request to ship it to another Paperback Swap member. For under $3.00, I shipped my book and earned a credit that I used to order The Millionaire Next Door.

Tip #15: Use Paperback Swap for your reading pleasure!

Swapping books saves money

  • Instead of running out to Barnes and Nobles every time I want to read for pleasure, I can save money by swapping books instead. My one fiction book I loaded into my Paperback Swap inventory, I had purchased at a used book store, so I had already purchased the book for half price. It felt really good to swap it for the non-fiction book for the cost of shipping only. The larger your book inventory, the more credits you will earn that you can use towards trading them for books you want to read. A low cost alternative to purchasing books.

Paperback Swap saves paper.

  • Using Paperback Swap saves paper through reusing books. Some people I know own libraries full of books they no longer read. Instead of letting them collect dust, reuse them through Paperback Swap. It’s a great way to reuse your existing inventory, and save paper.

P.S.  I know some people will say, “Go to the library!”, and I may tackle this tip in the future as well. This is just another alternative to going to the library or purchasing books at a book store.

Have you tried Paperback Swap or a similar service? Have you found it to be useful?


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  1. Deb

    I love paperback book swap! As a homeschooling mom, it is a great way to re-use our book inventory as the kids outgrow reading books, etc. and allows me to find the specific editions I need to match up with curriculum without spending anything other than postage.
    .-= Deb´s last blog ..Musing about life =-.

    • Little House

      @Deb – What a wonderful way to use Paperback Swap! I tried finding some college text books, but I didn’t have any luck. I could see how supplementing your curriculum with children’s books would be great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beating Broke

    I’ve used Paperbackswap for a while now. (a little over a year I think). And have traded about 50 or so books. I like it. Yes, it costs more than the library, but I get to keep the books for as long as I like and then can “trade” them for a new one when I’m done. At the moment, I have more credits than I do time, so am stockpiling while I get through the 25 or so books (not all from pbs) that I have in my to read pile.
    .-= Beating Broke´s last blog ..Beating Broke Selected as Top 50 Financial Mentor =-.

    • Little House

      @Beating Broke – Thanks for mentioning why Paperback Swap is sometimes easier than the library. I also like that you don’t have to return them within a certain time frame. It’s great you’ve stockpiled such an inventory and built up some credits. You’ll have lots to read over the summer!

  3. Money Reasons

    Why don’t you just go to the libr… oh yeah, you mentioned that… nevermind!

    I’m not a big reader myself, but that Paperback Swap sounds like a great deal! Someday I may consider that myself or perhaps I’m mention it to my wife! She’s an avid reader!

  4. Mr Credit Card

    I’ll be honest – I’ve sat for hours at a Borders ans Barnes & Nobles and actually finished reading a book!!

    But there will be the occasion when I buy the book even though I have read it because it is so good and I know I’ll read it again…

    the reason book swaps do not work for me is because I hate to feel pressured to finish reading something!
    .-= Mr Credit Card´s last blog ..Do Debit Cards Help Credit? =-.

    • Little House

      @Mr. Credit Card – The nice thing about Paperback Swap is you don’t need to finish a book within an specified time frame. You list the book when you’re ready to part with it. That’s what I like most about it!

  5. Everyday Tips

    There have not been any paperback swaps in my area. However, I love going to Friend of Library sales. Paperbacks are usually 50 cents or less, hardcovers a dollar, which is a great deal.
    .-= Everyday Tips´s last blog ..Thoughts For Thursday: When Was The Last Time… =-.

    • Little House

      @Everyday Tips – The great thing about Paperback Swap is you can do it all online. So if you purchase your books at your library sale, then decide you have too many to keep on your bookcase, you can swap them out for the cost of shipping to someone else. Just another alternative to save money! Thanks for sharing the library sales info.

  6. Bucksome Boomer

    Thanks for sharing this information. I signed up and ordered the first book in My Pretty Pennies summer book club.
    .-= Bucksome Boomer´s last blog ..3 Ways to Listen to Free Music =-.

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