Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House
Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House. I'm so humble.

This week’s Tuesday Tip, use a canvas bag for shopping. My canvas bags hang on a hook by the back door; on my way out of the house I grab a few just in case I decide to run by the grocery store or pick up a few items at Staples. (Just don’t forget them in the car!)

Tip #23: Use canvas bags instead of paper or plastic!

Bringing your own bags can save you money.
  • Some grocery stores apply a few cents per bag to your order. My neighborhood market used to apply 5-cents per bag toward my total grocery bill. If I took 7 bags, I’d receive a 35-cent credit. However, they now…
  • Allow me to earn points towards rewards. A few grocery stores will instead credit you “points” towards a rewards program that allow you to earn cash back coupons at the end of a rewards cycle.
  • You won’t be charged for paper or plastic by bringing your own bags. Recently, some large metros have implemented a new way to encourage people to bring their own grocery bags; by charging them a bag fee. Forgo that fee by BYOB!

Canvas bags are better for the environment.

  • Canvas bags can be reused again and again. There are all kinds of reusable bags available that range in price from a few cents to a few dollars (sometimes you can even get free ones through the vendor!). Many reusable bags can be washed and hang-dried ensuring a clean bagging environment.
  • Less plastic floating around the Earth! I’m really tired of seeing plastic bags floating in the breeze. Not only are they unsightly, they are dangerous to animals. Plastic bags float down storm drains and end up in the tummies of turtles and sea life. Don’t be irresponsible, use canvas bags!

Canvas Bags are Beautiful!
Canvas Bags are Beautiful!
Do you use canvas bags? Do you remember to take them with you every time you shop?


    • @Mrs. Money – A few stores have completely ditched the bags, like Ikea. They either make you cart out your items sans bag, or purchase a canvas one. I think it’s great as well!

      @Heather – Sounds like you’ve devised a system for remembering to take them with you! I’m pretty good; thankfully my husband remembers on the days I don’t. 😉 I also agree that charging for bags elevate awareness.

  1. @Everyday Tips – It took me a while before I got in the habit of remembering my bags, too. Actually, my husband is usually the one who remembers!

    @Suba – Whenever I forget my bags, I try to go without. I’ve also used the veggie and fruit boxes at grocery stores to help carry out the bulk items; actually it’s much easier this way than loads of plastic bags!

  2. In my post today I linked to a video I made at BlogHer where I talked about reuseable bags. Great minds think alike (I hope that is what this means)!

    • @Bucksome Boomer – Yes, great minds do think alike! I was able to click on the video, but my speakers aren’t great so I couldn’t hear you. I’ll have to try it again.

  3. @Fig – There is a running theme – people love them, but can’t remember them half the time! I need to devise a way to help people remember them. OR, stores need to stock a bunch of used ones in the front of their store that are up for grabs. So, when someone goes shopping, but forgets their bags they can use the freebies. Then, if you actually remember them and have ones you didn’t use, you leave them at the store. Well, maybe that isn’t the best solution!

  4. We keep our used plastic grocery bags in the closet, then use those bags as kitty litter bags, and also dog refuse bags. We also use them as trash can liners for the rooms upstairs.

    If it weren’t for my cat, I would most likely go the canvas route! Another good reason to go with canvas is, they are harder to rip! So your groceries won’t go flying across the floor if as they occasionally do with paper and sometimes plastic.

    • @Money Reasons – You’re right about the durability. I’ve found I can put more groceries in one canvas bag than 2 or 3 plastic ones. Then it’s easier to carry them inside!

  5. This is awesome! I love your tips. More and more I am starting to see people use canvas/ re-usable bags. It’s great! It’s also much more sturdier than those plastic bags that people used to use. Instead of doubling up on plastic bags, now you can rest assured that your groceries won’t fall out! 🙂
    .-= Credit Girl´s last blog ..Being Organized Saves Money =-.

    • @Credit Girl – Thanks for the comment. Canvas bags hold way more items as well, making it easier to carry your groceries inside.

  6. I’m with Money Reasons, I use canvas bags for the library, but I love the plastic bags I get from the grocery store since they make great dog cleanup bags and trash can liners. I really hope they don’t start charging for them…

    • @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – If I forget my canvas bags, then I reuse my plastic ones for kitty litter. However, I started buying the bio-degradable plastic bags for the litter because I felt so guilty about the plastic not breaking down (my litter is also bio-degradable)! They’re not too terribly expensive, about $7.00 for 50 bags. I can sometimes find them online for cheaper.

      @Jennifer Barry – The remembering is the hardest part!

  7. I love my bags!! I have one that hooks in my key strap in my purse so that I dont forget (I agree that remembering is the hardest part).

    Another pointer to remember is to make sure you clean your bag once in a while. Apparently they harbor a ton of bacteria over time. =)

    I use a canvas bag for my lunch bag too (the ones you get from retail store for buying something small).
    .-= youngandthrifty´s last blog ..Does that Gym Membership Really Do You Good =-.

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