Tuesday Tips, Just Another Great Post from Little House

This week’s Tuesday Tip is something I’m borrowing from Tightwad: repurpose clipboards for photo and illustration frames and holders. I don’t use clipboards very often, but I seem to have a few laying around my house. I wouldn’t necessarily say they are an archaic office supply quite yet, but they are probably heading in that direction for many industries. So, what should you do with your old clipboards? 

Tip # 29:  Display beautiful works of art!

Save money on framing supplies!

  • Don’t purchase frames if it’s a photo or illustration that will eventually be put in an album. Save money and reuse clipboards!

Reuse, repurpose, reduce…

  • Instead of throwing those clipboards away, display your kid’s artwork. Less trash is less trash!
  • Clip up vacation photos around your desk or kitchen. You may have further plans for your current photos, like putting them in an album or scrapbook, but displaying them for a short while is a great way to share your experience.
  • Use clipboards to get motivated! Have a looming goal you want to complete? A drawing of something you want to build or create? Clip it up and display it where you will be sitting most often.

I got this great tip from Tightwad, who got this creative idea from Back Garage. Have you ever thought of a clever way to reuse office supplies?


  1. Excellent idea. I’ve always loved clipboards (which sounds weird now that I think about it). I’m totally going to use this.

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