Tuff Shed Cabins for Living

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Tuff Shed Cabins for Living

Have you always dreamed of having a hide-a-way cabin in the woods? Or a guest house where visitors can stay comfortably, but remain in their own space? Tuff Shed Pro-Weekender cabins may be just the answer.  Introduced a couple of years ago, the Tuff Shed Pro-Weekender comes in two designs; a ranch-style cabin design with a gable roof and a barn-style design with a gambrel roof and second story option. Each cabin comes with a 10-year warranty and a 30-year roof guarantee.

The Pro-Weekender Barn design comes in varying sizes starting at 10′ x 12′ and going up to 12′ x 24′. The prices are also reasonable starting at just under $5,000 and topping out at $8,623. Of course, pricing really depends on the amenities included, customization, and additional features added, so sky could be the limit if you tricked-out the cabin. The Pro-Weekender Barn design has the option of adding a second-story, but I would assume Tuff Shed means a loft/sleeping area.

Pro Weekender Ranch Tuff Shed Cabin

The Ranch design has a larger range of sizes starting at 8′ x 14′ and going up to 16′ x 24′ with prices ranging from $4,100 to $9,600. Of course, you can also customize the size of the cabin based on the Tuff Shed slides I browsed. It appears that adding a second story is also an option for fully customized cabins and customization is quite flexible.

Since first thinking about living in a Tuff Shed, Tuff Shed has added a plethora of options, customized cabins and garages of varying sizes to their website. I guess I wasn’t the first person to think a Tuff Shed could make a great home. :)

Can you think of a use for one of these adorable cabins? Boomerang adult children? Elderly parents? Your own customized home?

Another option: purchase cabin home plans and build your own.

TUFF Shed doesn’t sell plans, but other companies do. Below is a sampling of cabin-style plans.

Tiny House Design’s Pioneer Cabin – 16 x 20

 Tiny House Design’s Pioneer Cabin House Plan: $9.95 Buy it Now

The 42-page e-book contains the framing plans, required lumber, and drawings for this structure. Or, check out a few more plans below.

Cabin 55453 – 973 sq ft


Cabin 03207 – 864 sq ft


Cabin 14055 – 632 sq ft


Cabin 06020 – 1,573 sq ft



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  1. Young Professional Finances

    These are pretty cool! I never even heard of tuff sheds – but now that you mention it, I have seen sheds outside of Home Depot. I think it’s a pretty awesome idea and I would love to be able to have one as a beach house or even a cabin in the mountains. Too bad they don’t already sell these (with the land) as affordable small houses. :)

  2. Erek

    I think this idea is phenomenal!!! These should be used more and more and more!!! I am planning on getting one of these started very very soon!! 😉

  3. ruth gallegos

    I am interested in the “Little House in the Valley” home. I own my land and wish to have this particular cabin built. I live close the Bastrop, Texas. There is a Home depot in that town. Whom should I speak to?

  4. Mike Laing

    I am interested in building a small house or cabin in Texas. I’m fully able to do 90 to 95% of the work myself. I would like to build a one or two bedroom, one bath dwelling. I’ve looked at log kits, SIP kits, Post and Beam, Cob, Earth bag, insulated concrete and others.

    With your options, what might I expect for an expenditure of 10 t0 15 thousand dollars. Aiming at shell construction, dried in, not figuring in interior completion or the cost of land or utility prep.

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