Before you allow the moving company to walk across your home and check your belongings, there are few important questions that you need to ask them. You will always get an opportunity to interview the moving company before making sure whether or not they can meet your needs. Some moving hacks of all time so that you can alleviate the stress from moving. If you make the blunder of not asking the questions to them and settling down with the company who comes first, you will end up in a mess.

There are several rogue moving companies working in the industry and it is indeed tough to differentiate between the good and the bad. Nevertheless, we will give you a list of the most vital questions that you should ask your moving company before signing the contract with them.

Question #1:  Ask for the Registration Number

The moving company will definitely have a registration number which is given to them by the FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and this is called USDOT number and US Department of Transportation Number. If a company just travels in one state, they shouldn’t be registered. You could check with FMCSA online.

Question #2:  Estimates and Rates

Ask the company about their rate. Majority of the companies will offer you a rate per distance or per pound. In case the company provides you with a quote that is dependable on cubic feet, avoid working with them. The estimate of a company should be based on weight in case you’re traveling through long distances. If the distance is short enough, there will be few companies which can charge a per-hour rate. You also have to keep in mind that the moving company can offer you an estimate in writing; they should even offer you a copy. Check whether or not the estimate includes a payment method.

Question #3:  Additional Fees

The third point to check is whether there are any added fees that will be applicable. There are few companies that might charge you a hefty cost for different awkward items and when the actual destination doesn’t have easy access. If you wish to avoid such costs, make sure there are arrangements of the place where the truck can park. Enquire whether or not there are any obstructions like restrictions on load or usage of elevator. Such charges are called flight charges and you should avoid them as much as possible.

Question #4:  Subcontractors

Some of the biggest movers subcontract the tasks to a smaller company. If this is the case with the agency which you’re hiring, you should ask for the name of the subcontractor and if the firm uses different subcontractors, you should get a complete list of the same. So, when the mover is not certain, tell them find out the ways in which they can get back to you. When you see that the company uses subcontractors, ensure checking with the drivers to make sure you still obtain the best possible services. Majority of the subcontractors are local movers who purchase their personal truck of transport.

If all the trustworthy companies offer you with different letters of happy clients, you can choose any of them. Make sure the relocation company best fits your definite needs and ask the above mentioned questions before hiring them.

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