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Hypnos have a 100 year history dating back to Edwardian times. Since then, they have been creating bespoke, hand crafted beds, taking into consideration every aspect of the process that will make a difference to your comfort, including using natural materials such as wool and cashmere to ensure complete comfort. The master tailors at Hypnos create made to measure, hand tailored beds, so each one is unique. You can get a bed made to your own requirements as you would with an item of clothing, except this is an item you are going to be using for many years, so the attention to detail can prove very valuable when looking for a wooden bed for example.

Hidden storage solutions can be incorporated into the beds upon request, so you don’t have to sacrifice any element of style, the look and feel is luxurious throughout. Some of the options you can come across are whether you want tapered wooden feet, or a traditional chrome castor. You can add a skirt around the base of the bed for a different look altogether.

They have a few different collections to choose from. The Regency collection takes into account weight, size and age, offering uniquely tailored beds. All the mattresses within this range can be used on both sides. This means you get double the wear out of these mattresses. The Heritage Collection uses ecologically sound and sustainable materials. The mattresses in this range feature a new patented system called the ‘UltraSens pocket spring system’. The Pillow Top Collection includes mattresses that have a pillow top surface that has an extra cushioned layer above the mattress.

And last but not least, the Orthos Support Collection is specifically for people who require firmer beds, without discomfort. The range uses ReActive pocket spring technology which is the latest in supreme firm support and comfort.

Little House Note: I’m nearing the 10-year lifespan of my mattress and will need to investigate hand tailored beds to reduce back pain. This is a great start.

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  1. We plan to shop for a new mattress soon. I didn’t realize there were people who created custom beds like this.

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