When it comes to building your own home, stick-built or prefab/manufactured built, there’s a lot of waiting…and waiting…and waiting. So what phase are we in with building our manufactured home? Another waiting phase.

If you’re interested in building your own tiny home, check out the Tiny House Plans book. It has some great building plans.

Currently, we’re waiting for the manufacturer to finish building the home at the factory. We know we’re in the queue because back in June, after we signed off on the purchase order (yes, there was actually a PO we had to review and sign-off on) the manufacturer had forgotten to ask us a question and we ended up getting a coffered ceiling in our master bedroom for free! We also learned that we’ll be able to visit the manufacturer and review the house before it ships to the lot. I can’t wait to see their operation and take lots of photos of the house while it’s split in half. However, based on an estimated time frame, that won’t happen until around September or October. So, until then, we’re in a holding pattern.

However, we have started purging items we don’t want to move with us and packing things that we can live without over the next few months. Our house is in a bit of disarray at the moment with packing supplies and boxes piling up in the dining room. We’re looking forward to the final steps as we near fall.

In the meantime, I can keep an eye on our community through a local blogger. We just found out that we have a neighbor on our west as their house was just delivered yesterday. (And I’m really glad it’s a different model than ours.) I’ll also be able to figure out how long it takes to build the garage based on our neighbor’s progress.

Stay tuned for more news…

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