Barbados, a Caribbean stalwart is famed for its British-ness. It is the homeland to best beaches, typically tropical activities, cheap eats and rum shops. For those looking for peace and quiet, should head for the Atlantic coast. While the west coast boasts of the livelier social scene, but it is more expensive than the south coast which is less expensive. Start visualizing the coconut trees, bright sunshine, tropical drinks and foam-crested azure waves if planning to visit Barbados. Don’t get put off by the higher costs of holidaying as there are plenty of houses for rent in Barbados that are very affordable and feature the world-class amenities. Just make your bookings well in advance to avoid the last minute disappointments.

The 4 main appeal of Barbados lies in the natural assets of the island and its beautiful location. There are plenty of lush interiors dotted with caves and waterfalls. One can enjoy everything from swimming with sea turtles to taking the submarine tours. Plus, it boasts of a number of world class golf courses on the famous island. It seems like a paradise with coconut trees, foam-crested azure waves and bright sunshine. You can certainly enjoy low-cost fun activities if you know where to look. Enjoy uninterrupted views of rippling sandy bays and do not miss the opportunity for beachside relaxation.

How to Avoid the High Prices for Accommodation in Barbados

A holiday on Barbados can be expensive for an average traveler. It is true that the Caribbean is well known for its pricier hotels and resorts. Still, one can avoid those shockingly high prices provided they know where to look and stay. There is no need to feel limited by a package deal, and one can undoubtedly unlock the charms of this tiny coral island at low costs. One is sure to come across a range of low-cost hotels as well as cheap eateries where one can enjoy low-cost accommodations. One can indeed remain spoiled for choices when it comes to picking the best places to stay on Barbados. There are some lovely hotels, excellent guesthouses, and great homes for rent. There is an accommodation to suit every type of traveler with every kind of budget. There are posh areas with relaxing stays along the more developed coastlines.

Bridgetown, the Capital of Barbados

Located on the eastern-most point of the Caribbean, the city is a cultural hub that bustles with historical attractions, waterfront cafes and offers waterfront cafes. This is the perfect place to enjoy the authentic Bajan spirit and lively nightlife. Accommodation is quite limited in Bridgetown as people prefer to stay on the smaller towns on the south and west coasts. One can explore the inns, guesthouses, and resorts to make a perfect start.

South Coast Makes for a Smart Choice

The south coast is one of the most developed areas of Barbados. There are plenty of options in apartments, shopping centers, hotels and spas along the white sandy beaches. One can enjoy great food in the open-air restaurants as well as bundles of facilities of the tropical scenery. What makes the South Coast more popular is because of its wide range of low budget apartments, condos, and hotels. If you are looking for a tranquil resort with private infinity pool, watersports and island attractions, you are sure to find them here, although at a higher cost.

A Contrasting Spot in East Coast

The east coast of Barbados differs from the rest of the island because of its unique geography. It is hard to ignore the sweeping coconut trees and windswept beaches along the endless coastal stretches. You will come across rustic beach houses and wooden chattel houses for accommodation here. Barbados’ east coast accommodations are indeed much varied and open can find luxury resorts to cheaper cottage style beach houses. Enjoy accommodations of all kinds of tastes and budgets as you embrace the chilled Caribbean vibe of Barbados.

The Elegant Side of the West Coast

West Coast is the glittering side of Barbados and has loads to offer the sophisticated traveler. This is the side not meant for the budget conscious traveler as there are elegant private residences and elite hotels on this side of the coast. The trendy bars and exclusive restaurants attract the attention of celebrities and the rich. It is no wonder to see why the coast is also known as the ‘Platinum Coast as the hotels on the west coast of Barbados offer every indulgence you could possibly imagine.

Wherever you stay, whether it is the Barbados house rentals or a beach resort or a cottage, make sure that you get the best value for money. Look for private terraces and facilities such as a pool, gym, spa along with beach access. Ensure that your accommodation is located in a secluded, quiet and picturesque location. The advantage of renting a house in Barbados is that you can enjoy complete privacy with all the best amenities and at very affordable costs. You can cook your own meals, and that can further lower the cost of your vacation. Discover your favorite property type, and it is like staying at home away from home. There are many gorgeous places to stay for a holiday trip to Barbados. There are plenty of house rentals to browse in Saint Lawrence, Christ Church, Bridgetown, St James and Saint Thomas. Whether you’re traveling solo or are with family or friends, you will find everything you need in those beachside rentals.

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