Tiny homes are all the rage right now. They allow people to reduce their living expenses, giving them the financial freedom to do more. They are also small and mobile, giving them the physical freedom to move wherever they like at a moment’s notice. Plus, many of the designs used to create tiny homes are very stylish, giving people new ideas about how to live large by living small.

You may not think much about the windows in your tiny home since there isn’t a lot of wall space to put them on and since your energy costs are already low. But the type of windows you hang can have a big impact on the look and functionality of your tiny home. Here are just a few of the ways that your choice of windows can influence your tiny home:

Lower Energy Usage

Don’t rest on your tiny home’s laurels as far as energy usage is concerned. Sure, you’re going to consume less energy because your house is smaller, but you can reduce your usage even more by making the right choices for your home. The type of insulation you use, the appliances you choose, and the energy source for your home can all influence your energy costs. So can your windows.

Houston Window Experts say that replacement windows in Houston can lower costs for any size home, including tiny homes. Double-hung, vinyl windows are typically best since they contain a pocket of air or inert gas between the panes that act as an extra layer of insulation. The windows are better able to keep the hot air outside during the summer and the cold air outside during the winter. You won’t have to crank up the heater or the air conditioner as much to stay comfortable.

Let in More Light

Plenty of light makes a space feel homier and more inviting, both for you and your guests. Some people like the idea of living in a tiny home, but they hesitate because they feel like they might be too cramped in one. But if you make the right design choices, your tiny home can feel like a comfortable space, not like the dorm room you shared with that undiagnosed hoarder.

One thing you can do to let in more light is to hang big windows in your tiny home. A floor-to-ceiling window in your main seating area can make a big impact. You could even have a picture window that takes up the whole side of the home with the seating area and kitchen. You’ll get lots of light that will make the space feel more cheerful and a more welcome place to be. You can always hang drapes or shades for when you want more privacy or when a streetlight is shining too brightly into your space.

Make the Space Seem Bigger

How big a space appears is not only a function of the actual dimensions. Many things can influence the perception of how big a space is. When you live in a tiny home that may not be bigger than some campers, the more you can do to make it appear larger, the better. Having large windows and lots of light will make your tiny home look bigger.

Windows make your home look bigger by removing visual barriers between your home and the outside. You’ll look out the window and feel like you have all the room in the world to stretch out and enjoy yourself. You can maximize the effects by putting up mirrors in your tiny home. It will appear as if you have a window in a place you couldn’t put one because of the reflection. Everywhere you look, you’ll be greeted by green grass and the great outdoors.

A tiny home may not have the stature of a traditional home, but that doesn’t mean that you can overlook important decisions about its design and its upkeep. The type, size, and shape of the windows you choose for your tiny home can have a big impact on your enjoyment of it and on your overall living expenses. Do your due diligence to find the perfect windows for your tiny home to get maximum effect.

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