Yakezie Challenge going strong!
Yakezie Challenge going strong!

This week, Ryan over at Planting Dollars is hosting the Yakezie Challenge Results and doing a darn fine job if I do say so myself. As an active participant , I want to highlight those sites that have increased their traffic the most this past week. I’ve highlighted their most recent posts, all tantalizing reading material:

  • Girl with a Red Balloon (named after a cinema classic – love the name): Odds and Ends, Plus a Break has increased her traffic by a whopping 45% and is recovering from a tooth extraction, ouch!
  • Young and Thrifty: I’m a regular reader now, so check out her “Other” Investments post. Increased her traffic by 34%, you go girl!
  • Rainy Day Saver: I’ve been reading her blog since I started mine. I love her new design, check out her most recent post about not Beating Yourself Up Over Spending. Increased her traffic by 31%. (There’s a trend here, the female bloggers have been growing their audience the most….must be that girl power!)
  • Stay at Home Mom CFO: Another female blogger that increased her traffic by 26%, check out her recent post about Living in 1 of America’s 25 Most Richest Counties.
  • My Money Minute: Some of us can definitely relate to Jason’s most recent post, Unemployment Benefits Denied! He increased his traffic by 25% (finally a dude, right?)
  • 151 Days Off: Sometimes I read blog posts without reading the ‘about’ page and based on the tone of the writing, I make an inference about if it is a female or male blogger. I was completely wrong on this one. Here is her latest post, Where Do You Get Your Inspiration. She’s increased her traffic by 23%.
  • CJBowker: His most recent post was a Yakezie Wrap-Up, so I’m including his second most recent post, What Do You Do? Increased his traffic 22%.

Great work on the part of the Yakezie members. Selfless promotion does work!


    • @Young and Thrifty – Funny how we make assumptions based on the tone of writing (I also thought Punch Debt in the Face was female and was really intrigued with the writing, then found out it was a dude. Still impressed, but it was much more interesting thinking it was a female blogger 🙂 ) As for the t-shirts, yes I think that would uncover our anonymity. I heart Yakezie too!

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