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Does okra water help to boost ovulation, fertility and female ability to conceive twins? Side Effects and Health Benefits of Oha leaf (Soup) – Oha leaf and Pregnancy, List of dialysis centres in Nigeria (ALL 36 STATES + ABUJA), Cost of breast reduction surgery in Ghana. Health Benefits of Afang Soup So, what do I stand to gain when I take this soup, you may ask? It should be noted that some varieties have lower levels of saponins. Afang soup is a vegetable soup, so you’ll be making use of a lot of vegetables when preparing the soup. Each thickener has its own peculiar flavour. 3) Then add your periwinkle, crayfish, dry fish and palm oil. 13. How much is the Cost of kidney Test in Ghana. It boosts immunity and helps the body against any form of disease. All vegetables have many health benefits and the Okazi Leaf is no exception! Turn the pounded afang leaves into a bowl and set aside When meat is cooked, add palm oil, knorr cubes, crayfish, dry fish and periwinkle, to meat stock, stir with cooking spoon and allow to boil till oil blends with the stock. The Okazi Leaf (afang leaf), commonly called Wild African Spinach, is a dark green leafy vegetable with a slightly bitter taste commonly found in certain regions of Africa. What are the Health Benefits of Afang Leaf? Here are 13 health benefits of Cassava that you might not be aware of. Afang has high dietary fibre, which help in reducing constipation and weight loss. Enjoy. 13 Surprising Health Benefits of Cassava. 10. The seeds of the G. africanum can be used as fungicide for dressing wounds. 7. NOTE : Pls make sure the quantity of afang is smaller than that of the waterleaf (about ½ size smaller). The soup is so rich that it can be passed for a balanced diet. 2. 11. Due to its high fibre content, ukazi is a good laxative and helps treat constipation. -Grinded afang (ukazi) -Waterleaf After 2 minutes stir and bring the soup down. These are the  other  names of Gnetum africanum. 5) Add your afang, stir and cook for another 5 minutes. Okazi Leaf: Health Benefits and Side Effects of Ukazi leaf/Afang leaf (ukazi and Pregnancy) 1. Well first, Afang soup is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids. Like all dark green leafy vegetables, Afang (even the dried version), is low in fat, and rich in vitamin C, potassium, sodium, iron and magnesium. You can eat afang soup with all forms of swallow – eba,fufu, Amala, semovita, pounded yam, starch, and wheat. Your email address will not be published. Allow to cook for 10 minutes. 1. 2. Helps Smoothen and Brighten your Skin. Adding Cassava to your meal plans can help your body in many ways as Cassava has several health and skin benefits. Health benefits are ; It is a good source of dietary fibres. Serve with any swallow of your choice or just lick your extra rich soupFace savouring food. This … READ ALSO: Health benefits and Side Effects  of Utazi, Thanks so much beloved God bless you and your family and Grant more insight, Your email address will not be published. -Salt -Beef A Thread#EnchantedCouple #EnchantresxEtLuna #Recipe #Food, — The Axenic Family (@TheAxenicFamily) July 2, 2020. While those cook, wash and chop the water leaf and set; aside. Your email address will not be published. Bitter leaf Soup Forget the fact that there is bitter in the name, the sweetness of this soup can help you avoid sugar. Eating ukazi regularly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart diseases, and helps to slow the progression of heart disease in individuals who have cardiac diseases. Well this will depend on the temperature at the time of cooking. Usually the ones with sweeter scent taste a lot better in soups. Find out more about the potential benefits and risks of eating okra and get some tips on using it. 4) Pour your thoroughly chopped waterleaf into the pot and cover to cook for 5 minutes max (Try not to over cook them). 3. 4. Ukazi/afang leaves is used an antidote for poisons. Ukazi helps in weight loss. Due to its antioxidant, anticarcinogenic properties, Ọkazị leaf can be used as a remedy for certain ailments. The seed has a resemblance with a drupe fruit which is approximately 4-8mm *10-15mm in size. It serves as an antidote for many forms of poisons. NOTE : Quantify your leaves according to the size of your intended soup broth. Akwa ibom call it Afang igbo call it ukazi. The mineral content of Afang leaves vary across the varieties. Add salt to taste and if need be add more pepper. The peel of the Cassava is an excellent remedy for any skin problems. HEALTH BENEFITS OF UKAZI (AFANG) LEAVES, also known as GNETUM AFRICANUM The health benefits of ukazi (afang) include the treatment of enlarged spleens, sore throats, and nausea. If using dry Ọkazị, add it early in your cooking so it will rehydrate and soften. The reason is that, too much of the afang leaves will result in a slightly bitter taste. Nutritionists recommend consuming leafy vegetables to maintaining proper digestion. Ukazi promotes fertility. The popular Calabar soup has become a delicacy for many ethnic groups in Nigeria. It can also be used to eat rice. In Nigeria, it is commonly used to prepare delicacies such as afang, okazi and nsala soups. Afang soup is an excellent way of replenishing the body with these nutrients while enjoying your meal. 2. 12. ... That means there isn’t a standard dose you should take for health benefits. Afang soup in anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. 1. 8. 3. … Helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. Drain the water from … First, wash and boil your meat with stock fish, salt and onion only. Ukazi also eases constipation and helps to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Moreover, indigestion brings further health ailments as well such as diarrhea, nausea, vomit, etc. Afang leaf has has not been reported to cause birth defects, miscarriage or pregnancy loss in women. -Periwinkle -Palm oil The seeds and the leaves have shown medical efficiency in the treatment of enlarged spleen, sore throats, reduction of pain during child birth, antidotes to some forms of poison and snake bites. Because of the presence of iodine in the okazi leaves it helps to prevent and treat goiter. Now Add palm oil, cover and leave to boil more for about 2 minutes. Ingredients Periwinkle is one of the key ingredients in Afang Soup with a variety of nutritional benefits (protein, Omega-3, and iron). Afang leaves are known to be climbing leafy plants and are easy to grow in your garden. The leaves are used herbally to treat gonorrhea, fever and piles. Used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting. The high protein content of ukazi help in the repair of body tissues. Am going to share with you the recipe of Afang … Helps fights osteoporosis. The bitterness is usually removed by boiling before the leaves are cooked as soups or added to soups made with other vegetables or eaten like spinach.

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